Opening In Theaters 7/29/05

It’s yet another week with something for everyone. I’m looking forward to seeing “Sky High”. I missed out on the sneak preview of Stealth. I was told it was good. I love the commercial for “Sky High” … “So, do you wanna dance? Me neither.” Plus it has Lynda Carter.

“Must Have Dogs” has Diane Lane and Elizabeth Perkins, but I’m not sure if I see John Cusack as the romantic comedy type. The hook (for me) in the commercial was the idea that Diane Lane places an ad in the Lonely Hearts section of the classifieds and HER DAD responds. No, John Cusack does not play her dad.

From the new commercials, it “looks” as if there’s more to the plot of “Stealth” than what was indicated by the initial trailer and commercials. I get the feeling that they’re trying to humanize the AI Plane … in order to attract more viewers? It’s reviews are dangerously close to “Ecks versus Sever” territory.

Some very interesting indie films coming out this week. Most are in limited release, hopefully they’ll do well enough to swing by town for a week or two.

Looking forward to seeing “The Aristocrats” … probably the second best movie opening this week. Lynda Carter = Sky High #1.

Sky High

The son of two superheroes enrolls at “Sky High,” the high school for training teenagers with super powers and their sidekicks.

Must Have Dogs

After a divorcée (Diane Lane) gets a response to her personal ad from a dog lover (John Cusack), she fakes that she’s one, too.


Three test pilots (Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel and Jamie Foxx) take on a deadly new breed of fighter jet with a mind of its own.

The Oyster Farmer

A delightfully winning comedy, Oyster Farmer is the story of Jack Flange, an enterprising young man, who robs a fish market and mails the cash to a secluded close-knit community of oyster farmers.

The Aristocrats

One hundred of the biggest names in comedy tell their own version of a joke so dirty that was shared only with other stand-ups.

Tony Takitani

Tony, a reserved Japanese illustrator, finds love for the first time with Eiko, a young woman with an addiction to shopping.

God’s Sandbox (Tahara)

A writer searches for her daughter in the Sinai Desert and meets a Bedouin storyteller with a tale of a love torn apart.

Balzac andthe Little Chinese Seamstress

Based on the international best-seller, BALZAC AND THE LITTLE CHINESE SEAMSTRESS is set in the early 1970’s during the later stages of China’s “Cultural Revolution,” as two city-bred teenage best friends, Luo (Kun Chen) and Ma (Ye Liu), are sent to a backward mountainous region for Maoist re-education.


The Onion AV Club (which is my favorite movie review site) called Stealth “a retarded Top Gun.”

John “Say Anything/High Fidelity/Grosse Pointe Blank” Cusack is not the romantic comedy type?

I hear the plane in Stealth talks and it sounds like HAL. I’m thinking the Wedding Crashers might be the only movie funnier than Stealth this summer. But I still think they should have called it Plane Evil.

JUS: Plane Evil
(Joint Unmanned Strikefighter)

Balzac, etc. was one of the boringest books I’ve ever read, especially considering how short it is. I think we should all pass on that one.

Was this an intentional joke? Because I find it pretty funny, and I don’t know why.


Weekend Box Office Estimates (U.S.)

This Wk Last Wk Title Dist. Weekend Gross Cumulative Gross Rlse Wks # of Theaters
1 2 Wedding Crashers New Line Cinema $20,475,000 $116,074,000 3 3030
2 1 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Warner Bros. Pictures $16,385,000 $148,096,000 3 3775
3 - Sky High Walt Disney Pictures $14,590,000 $14,590,000 1 2905
4 - Stealth Columbia Pictures $13,500,000 $13,500,000 1 3495
5 - Must Love Dogs Warner Bros. Pictures $13,050,000 $13,050,000 1 2505
6 3 Fantastic Four Twentieth Century Fox $6,800,000 $136,145,000 4 2744
7 4 The Island Dreamworks SKG $5,600,000 $23,956,000 2 3138
8 6 War of the Worlds Paramount Pictures $5,435,000 $218,332,000 5 2324
9 5 Bad News Bears Paramount Pictures $5,425,000 $22,457,000 2 3183
10 10 March of the Penguins Warner Independent Pictures $4,131,000 $16,431,000 6 778
11 7 Hustle & Flow Paramount Classics $4,000,000 $14,560,000 2 1015
12 8 The Devil’s Rejects Lions Gate Films $2,650,000 $12,390,000 2 1757

From Yahoo:

“Stealth,” directed by Rob Cohen (“The Fast and the Furious”), was the second-straight flick from an established action director to flop. “The Island” from director Michael Bay (“Armageddon”), tanked a week earlier.

“Action just doesn’t seem to be what the public is buying this summer,” said Rory Bruer, head of distribution for Sony, which released “Stealth.” “Comedy seems to be king.”

Wow, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is doing better than I thought. I wonder if the studio will ask Burton to translate the Great Glass Elevator to the big screen?