Operencia: Zen's Turn-based Hungarian-Folklore-Inspired Blobber

Oh. That would make sense. Did it go exclusive to Epic? I’m planning to play on Xbox personally.

Yeah, it’s exclusive to Epic. I also plan on playing it through Game Pass on Xbox, it’ll be out Day 1 on Game Pass.

Hell yeah!

Double hell yeah! OK, you jokers have my attention. And if it’s coming to Game Pass, it would be a crime to let this pass. But there’s so much stuff to play right now! What a dilemma.

Yep… that was it. Release: 2020. Hence no reviews/first impressions. On metacritic was nothing as well. At least now there is. (Critics seem to like it.)

Downloading it right now with gamepass. It’s in the windows store too, play anywhere.

Woah! That’s so cool. There’s so few play anywhere games, it’s like a unicorn when one shows up.

Yeah, I wasn’t expecting it to be one.

The W10 store warns my computer can’t run it, 1060 recommended. Probably the most demanding dungeon crawler thingy so far.

Wait a couple weeks if anyone is tempted to sign up for gamepass to try this. They’ve got a 1$ for your first month promotion going on right now, which is great, but it’ll get even better:

So how is it? Missing Steam reviews

What does this game do on the Epic store anyways? It’s not their target audience, isn’t it? It’s niche. How many people are going to buy the game over there? (Without any hype induced by ‘very positive reviews’/‘topseller’…) …5 people? Well, whatever. That’s the last game I had expected to be on Epic’s new store. But they might have some nice data indicating this shiny looking game will sell/worth the buyout.

I’m somewhat afraid of puzzles that are Grimrock style. Too many, too hard. There was a review (Gamespot?) saying some puzzles are very weird and therefore needlessly hard.

Oh thanks, I hadn’t read it carefully. The one-month-thing is good enough for me. Downloading the game right now. It’s just 1 EUR…

This is right up my street, but apparently I’m not old enough.

In fact it seems I haven’t been born yet. Oh no, wait, coffee not taking effect yet. It’s just telling me that I need to have been born to play it. Phew.

Installing now. I’ll probably check it out tonight, sometime after Tom’s stream of Sekiro.

So far…

  • to the point and entertaining writing (although I don’t think the idea of ‘great leader died so everything’s gone bankrupt’ is up to date; but that’s a minor; the core lore stuff is really well thought out - so far…)
  • grid based movement is very fluid/intuitive!
  • …performance’s bad. Vega56 (oc) and i7 4770k (oc) result in… 40-60 [email protected]
  • first glimpses of world building, dungeons, combat, skill system, UI and …oh, just everything, seem very intriguing.

Very first impressions are very good. Sometimes it just clicks. For 1 euro, although not ‘owning’ but just renting, … that does not feel right. Everybody check it out!

I had that on my Steam Wishlist and it got yanked I guess last week or whenever. Ginger please consider giving us some updates on what you think? I actually liked Bard’s Tale IV last year … You too Rock ty.

Krazy let us know --assuming you are older than 18.

Look forward to trying this one in a couple of years. Hopefully I won’t have completely forgotten about it by then…

Woo… another use for my $2 Gamepass I got for Crackdown. Installing now.

Just went through the prologue and character creation. This game has awesome art for female warrior characters.

That is really outstanding.

Definitely want to check this game out, thanks for highlighting that.

I am starting to betray my anti-epic games thing and just all out do a benedict Arnold on Steam and grab this…

If that even makes sense.

It’s also on the Windows store. Or get a Gamepass for a buck.