Orcs Must Die 3 is a 1 year stadia exclusive

I’ve played it on an i7-3770 w/ GF 1060 and 16 GB RAM - it was completely fine for at 1080p.

As for the game - yeah, it’s kinda OMD 2.5. Which for me was perfectly alright since it had been ages since I played OMD2. Co-op surely makes everything more fun and easier, but I had a good solo time with the game.

It’s definitely OMD 2.5 but that’s fine because OMD2 was great. The level design is a little less consistent here, but the war levels are interesting as are a lot of the new options. I played through it co-op and quite enjoyed it.

Given the extra comments I was tempted again to pick it up, so I went to the Indiegala product page for it and it said the $14.99 sale still had another hour to go. So I pop it in my cart, go to checkout and boom price is back up to normal. Don’t know what happened there-- maybe the price wasn’t for the US? But I wasn’t a new customer and my IP address would show I still live here at a US address.

So I guess I’m waiting for a better price now.

New DLC next month.