Our Fine President

This is far less offensive than those painful images of John Kerry pretending to play football and baseball.

Haha! Look at the funny pictures! He looks like such a girl!

Now someone can post the pictures of Bush falling off the segway, or with his pretzel injury, or in his cheerleading days, and we can get a serious debate going finally.

The Bush flipping off thing isn’t offensive at all. It is funny though, and it’ll be useful next wednesday morning when I’m miserable and want a visual aid for thinking of Bush giving his one-finger victory salute to the world.

It’s funny, and actually makes me hate him a little less.

But you know what? I"m a filthy atheist communist. I wonder what the supporters who think Bush is God’s mouthpiece think of this video?

They laugh at the lighthearted side of the president that he gets so little chance to show because the mainstream media forces him to be serious.

That was the reaction (and explanation) I got from my hardcore republican co-workers when I showed them the clip.

Yeah, but are they evangelicals?

In the sense you mean it, probably not. They are republicans through-and-through and would never dream of voting for that Kerry pussy.