Our Fine President

Here is a video of our fine president in action.


Well, at least I know where he stands?

Pretty presidential shit there, Dubya. I get all inspired and shit when leaders whine about people “telling [them] what to do” like a 14 year old and, in turn, “rebel” by flipping the bird.

Um. Ok.

I sincerely hope that video doesn’t help someone decide who they want to vote for.

I just hope it doesn’t spread all over the net.

hahaha, that’s hypnotic.

I don’t see what’s so bad about that. Come on, it’s something anyone might do.

I hear Kerry is actually the Goatse man.

Until recently “anyone” was below our threshold for president.

You do realize that you just said that until recently the threshold was so high that no one had ever qualified, right?

Yeah, if I had aspirations to become the leader of the free world, I think I’d avoid crass behavior in places where people would see it, much less where they would film it.

Of course, I’d also pronounce ‘nuclear’ correctly, so maybe it’s just me…


See that’s why I put it in quotes. Imagine that I’m doing it with my fingers in that snarky way those snooty lefties do…

I’m hoping we’ll elect a “President” this time.

I’d also might consider reading a newspaper every now and then.

I dunno. Seems like vilifying Bush for obviously goofing around while off air among friends is the same type of shit I hate when it comes from the Republican side. If I want to vilify Bush, there’s plenty of real reasons to use without having to make some tenuous connection between his suitability as public figure and his tendancy to be human.

I’ve come to accept that I’m an odd political beast, though.

(Now if he’d been flipping off, say, the UN… that would be video-worthy!)

I just think it’s sad when the party touting itself as representing family values and morality is the same one where we have the presidential candidate flipping off the camera and then sniggering about it and the vice-presidential candidate who told someone on the floor of the senate to “Fuck Off”. The democrats may not be have better morals than the republicans, but at least they’re not hypocrites on this issue.

If I want to vilify Bush, there’s plenty of real reasons to use without having to make some tenuous connection between his suitability as public figure and his tendancy to be human.

Oh, I’ve villified him for reasons real and otherwise. I can take issue with his excessive spending, opportunistic tax cuts, and reckless foreign policy. I can also take issue with the fact that he’s an arrogant privileged ass with no foresight, humility, or intellect.

FWIW, I have no problem with Presidents exhibiting “a tendency to be human”. It’s just that they might want to try to adhere to sense of decorum above that of a typical frat boy.


We’d like to call them leaders for a reason. They should be a model for behavior.

That video to me just typifies Bush’s lack of judgement and poor decision-making. The guy just doesn’t have good instincts.

I can’t see this as a big deal, especially as he was only governor of Texas at the time. In fact, it’s just the kind of thing I might expect of a Texan governor!

How about a Texas governor who says Jesus is his favorite political philosopher? How about a Texas governor that vows to restore integrity to the White House? How about a Texas governor that claims his administration will act in the world with humility?

“If Jesus came back and saw what was going on in His name, He’d never stop throwing up.”


Based on whose model, though?

I’m completely nonplussed that Clinton got blown in the Oval Office. However, other people seem to think it’s the worst thing ever to happen. Likewise, I’m completely nonplussed that Bush got caught flipping the bird to what should have been a blank camera around a bunch of friends. I’m incensed that this passes for “newsworthy”, however. News flash: All of our politicians are people too. It’s okay for Ryan to ask his wife to have sex with him, even in public, if that’s what works between the two of them. There’s nothing inherently wrong with them having a private life that doesn’t measure up to what you or I think it ought to. It’s their public life that has to measure up.

I’m tired of all the tired cliches about “character”. Everyone acts differently behind closed doors when among friends. I don’t care what any politician does there, so long as it doesn’t constitute a direct contradiction of public policy. No telling the world that anyone who does drugs should be executed while lighting up behind closed doors. However, I’m fine with folks saying “We need to present a civilized and demure mien to the world.” while partying their balls off when not on duty.

If I guy told me that Jesus was his favourite philosopher and was laid back enough to give the finger to the camera in an off-screen TV interview, I’d actually think more of him as a human being, not less. But still, you are wasting your time preaching to the converted. I don’t want Bush as the next president of the USA, I’m just saying that I don’t find him objectionable as a human being.