Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


March 22 launch date.

We have an exciting new online feature called PERFECT TEAM that we’ll unveil this summer, with an open Beta happening this spring. Stay tuned to learn all about it.



Micro transactions confirmed ;)


Just to clarify for anyone curious, Perfect Team is a 100% optional experience which is effectively walled off from the “classic” OOTP gameplay.


I like things like HUT (“Hockey Ultimate Team”) and FUT (“FIFA Ultimate Team”), so if it’s something like that, I’ll be interested in giving it a spin. I usually buy OOTP anyway.

I’m most interested in doing an online historical league, but I’ve been part of two, and they’ve both folded after a few seasons. It’s a lot of work for the GM. Anyway, that’s the “online” mode that interests me most.


What is it?


Something that will hopefully make @Spock very happy ;)

A slight bit of released details:

Q: I read about some “Perfect Team” online game mode in the newsletter, what’s that about?
A: We are extremely excited about Perfect Team, it has been in development for over a year and will be available as a public beta later this Spring and the officially launch this Summer. We will announce more details in the coming weeks, but in a nutshell is a combination of competitive online leagues and popular card collecting games like MLB The Show’s Diamond Dynasty or EA’s Ultimate Team modes, but with a unique twist. It is a completely seperate mode and not woven into the core OOTP experience, so users who do not like such game modes can simply ignore it.

Q: Will Perfect Team take development time away from the core OOTP game?
A: No, we have hired special developers for PT who work on the mode, the core development team is not influenced. The goal with PT is to open a new market for OOTP, bringing in more revenue and eventually having more resources to improve both the core OOTP game and PT. It’s a win-win!

Q: Perfect Team is not replacing traditional online leagues, right?
A: Right! Traditional online league functionality will remain in the game. PT does not touch or alter any existing features.


I just picked up 18 a couple weeks ago. I guess I should have just held off for 19. I’ve been reading someone’s dynasty report on the ootp forums, where they try to win the world series with each team, taking the team with the worst record each time they move to a new team. So I thought I’d try something like that. I took my team to the final game of the league series the first season, and lost the world series the 2nd. I ran into some issues when I let the ai make a roster move for me, and it decided to put a former all-star 20 win starter on the waiver wire. Lesson learned, never let the ai manage roster moves.


Oh Hell naw.


LOL - yeah, it’s not for everyone, hence the need to clarify that it’s totally separate from the game everyone’s come to know.


PT sounds fun to me. I wonder what the “twist” is?


Just add a simple, centralized multiplayer system. Enough with any other features. Just do that.




Well, Out of the Park 19 is available for pre-order on… Origin?

I guess this explains the new It’s possibly not even gambling! card-collecting mode.


Also available through their usual webstore interface, and eventually Steam.


Some pics of the in-game 3D engine:


That makes me feel



Is that a facegen face? They are getting better


Yep, their facegens are getting really good.


Just announced. EA will be adding this game to the Origin Access subscription program.


Is this one of the first new releases to make Origin Access?