Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


Is there a way to have a manager that isn’t your username? I can see a manager menu in the normal ootp baseball, but no such menu in perfect team.


So my Dierker has been on a bit of a tear the last 4 starts




Worth a thousand perfect points too.


The Argonauts are having an interesting 2026 so far.

Bases on balls: 339. Walks given up: 159, both best in the conference. Our bullpen ERA is just a hair over 2, but our starters (better pitchers generally) are combining for an iffy 4.52.

We’re leading the division at the time being on the strength of our offense, to the extent that forcing pitchers to walk runs in is offense.


So you have Sal Maglie? I don’t know much about his pitching career, but he was profiled in Jim Bouton’s autobiographical book “Ball Four,” when Maglie was the pitching coach, and Bouton a reliever, for the Seattle Pilots. Bouton idolized Maglie when Bouton was a kid, but Bouton kinda despised Maglie as a coach. On the other hand, other pitchers had good things to say about Maglie.

I know these are random thoughts, but I like how Perfect Team makes me think about baseball players I haven’t though about in 40 years. :)


I also have Sal Maglie. I’ve found him surprisingly good as a long reliever up through silver.


Maglie won the World Series for me last year with a complete game shutout in game six of the finals. His stats don’t look like much, but he always seems to out perform them.

I also had him on my Gold team but had to send him to the reserve there because when he had a bad day in Gold it was a very bad day.


At 53-41 I’m currently 13.5 games out. Wild card or bust. On the plus side, Cespedes is still putting up numbers:



Finally saved enough PP to get my first perfect.



As for the team, they’re in first right now, but things have tightened up.



YES! Trashtalk will be fun. You can’t stop Don Money… (he’s on the bench right now). Y’all don’t forget to turn this on and add the QT3 users!


Lets get it on!

also fyi, you don’t need to spend money, i am broke these days and still have fun keeping track of team slowly building gold team then a few diamonds etc etc. it is slow, but i like trying to find value in every ounce of PP I earn!

and seeing you guys get degrom and trout… yes, im jealous!


My gold team finally pulled a diamond (96) Historical All-star Kevin Brown SP. I think he is 70-65-70 with 80 stamina, or something close to that. Currently 1-4 and 5+ ERA. :(


At the start of August, my Librarians, playing in a gold league for the first time, somehow find themselves in first place, and with the best record in the entire league. The team with the second best record, the Fluffy Kitty Ninjas, of course are in my division, and hot on my ass:


I just spent 4K (accumulated through achievements) to simultaneously upgrade both DH and 3B defense. I did this moving my mediocre DH to 4th outfielder, moving 3B Gary Gaetti, with weak defense at the hot corner, to DH, and then purchasing 93 rated 3B Matt Chapman, who has a decent bat and superb (93) defense.

I did this in part because I was watching replays and noticing a fair amount of balls getting past Gaetti at third. Defensive stats do little for me, but he wasn’t passing the eye test.

Yet – after my brilliant micromanaging, my team lost three straight. Which means: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Also, I had given some thought to auctioning my Perfect de Grom to rake in about 25K, but decided to keep him. So far he’s been perfectly mediocre, 5-6 with a 3.10 ERA.


This might be the year the Argonauts see promotion. Now 15 games in the lead of B223’s AC Central, our monthly records have been:


So the trend is looking positive! By most accounts we’re the best offense in the conference at present, leading in batting average, on base percentage, walks, and OPS, and although the defense is still questionable, a pitching staff which has given up less than half as many walks as the offense has earned has led us to third-fewest runs allowed to go with our second-most runs scored, good for the second-best run differential in the league.

Despite playing in a @triggercut-inspired lefty-favoring ballpark, Manny Machado leads the team in home runs, presumably over the tall and distant left-field wall. Joe L. Morgan (the silver version, not the super-high-end one I saw the other day) and Roy A. Thomas (also silver; I don’t know if he has any other cards) are very good choices for low-level singles-and-walks teams—they’re frequently atop the league OBP leaderboard, and not very expensive, either.

I wish there were a way to search all cards, or to filter the marketplace by ratings, because I don’t have enough knowledge of baseball history and statistics to say what player I need to fill Role X without some tools like that.

I also wish OOTP was high-DPI-aware, because squinting at a bunch of 12-point text on a 4K monitor at work is getting a little old.


OK, the new “friends-league” patch is live! Everyone be sure to friend everyone else, up to a limit of 30. Remember, friends still are grouped at the same level (bronze, silver etc), so we won’t all be in one league; if you have multiple accounts, perhaps indicate which manager is at which level. (Edit: Be sure to click “Use Friends List” in your settings – and immediately Submit team and exit the game to ensure that the setting sticks.)

My Bronze-league manager is Carl_Yastrzemski.
My Silver-league manager is Yastrzemski.


Both of my teams have imploded after decent starts to the season.


Mine are:
Bronze - strummer007
Bronze - strummer00
Silver - strummer


anybody missing from this list?


madmarcus, Seoul Expats, currently winning my division but not looking all that good in Silver
JesseBarfield, Thule Ultimates, currently looking batter then expected in Bronze


jfardal, Kluane Rangers