Out of the Park Baseball 22: Take Me Out to the (Digital) Ballgame once more!

Thanks for the help!

What’s the “k” stand for in kWAR? Also, does it really account for defense as well?

Pretty sure the k just stands for Kidnies (from YourKidnies). I don’t know if Defense is factored into his ratings yet or not.

kWAR is an attempt to modify the Bendex ratings to include defense. As I mentioned I’m not 100% sold on it as Bendex still feels like it undervalues power but the defensive adjustments feel reasonably correct.

I’ve been pretty lazy on my tournament entry today. Still managed to win a few packs. A bit burned out on collecting the data again, even with automating a good chunk of it.

Cedar Rapids and Texarkana look to both be getting promoted, and Chandler is just above the relegation zone in diamond.

At least two of my teams are going to make the playoffs, and maybe all three. My BFF team won its division. It’s been a nice season.

In OOTP, pitching doesn’t win championships. At least for me. My PT team finished with 2 of the top 10 pitchers in the league and number 1 in a half dozen pitching categories and 2 in a few more. My worst pitching/defensive cat was bob which was 12th. Not great at all, but I still had +136 runs. Offense was totally average with me ranking between 4th and 9th on every team stat. But again +136 runs. Oh well, I still ended up above .500 with a nice September. Here’s to next season and good luck to all that made the playoffs!

Heh, I’m not sure what wins championships, because I haven’t won one yet. :) Sounds like you had a good season, @lostcawz.

All three of my teams made the playoffs, although Boston and Concord have since been sent home for the winter. Bar Harbor (BFF) is still alive, though, in a 2-2 tie in its League Championship Series. So I’m still in there pitching!

FYI We are in the off-season, moving over to v22, and have a couple of openings in the smaller UMEBA league (which is a great place to start out). One of the openings is my team the Piranhas — I was just offered a team in the larger primary league so I’m moving up. If you are interested, now is a good time to jump in. My soon-to-be former team won the division wildcard and lost quickly in the playoffs to the eventual UMEBA champion (and I believe that team is also opening up — some guys didn’t feel like upgrading to v22). Anyway, let me know if you are interested in taking the Piranhas or another team. Thanks.

Thanks for the heads-up, @tylertoo! It’s tempting. I’ll take another look at the league. I do miss online OOTP play.

My Bar Harbor Red Sox got to game 7 of my Iron-League World Series, but we lost that final game, ending the season. It’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to a PT World Series title. Rats! What a great year for Bar Harbor, though. :)

Washington won their division last year in gold and survived one round of the playoffs so unfortunately that means I have been promoted to diamond for this week, where I will get my head pounded in repeatedly I’m sure.

Don’t have a picture of it but Washington pulled a historical perfect Orlando Cepeda last night from some tournament packs. Trying to sell it for around 150 K but part of me wonders why anyone would buy that since you can complete the live mission and get Garciaparra. But if someone is willing to buy, I am willing to sell

Annandale had a mediocre season in bronze so I get to keep working on them in a league where they can do well.

Hahaha! So after a great season of pitching my first game of this season is my opponent’s 99 Mark Langston against my 97 Greg Maddux…who both ended the game with 33+ ERAs in a 11-10 win for the good guys!

I tweeked my Bronze tourney team this morning. I looked at some of the winners from the tourneys I’d been in and decided to bite the bullet and buy a Pete Rose for 5k. I’ve noticed him on a lot of teams so I figured what the hell. And he’s just going crazy in today’s games. I also added a Live Luis Guillorme. He doesn’t seem that strong a player, the only good stat is Eye/Dis and he’s good at short or 2nd. But he’s batting really freaking well. Who knew?

Also grabbed a couple of pitchers and put Satchel Paige back in my lineup. One guy was doing a bullpen of one Stopper, one Long Reliever, and the rest Middle Relief. I’m trying that and it seems to be doing ok.

My PT team is right at .500. But my stats are much worse than last year where I ended up under .500. That’s the way baseball go.

It’s nice to see Rose down to reasonable values instead of the 15k I was seeing earlier. In the middle to end of last week I was killing it in Bronze tournaments. This week nothing with the same team. I’ll probably look at things again on Sat. Perhaps I need to pick up Rose or Raines finally.

I’ve held off playing the special edition cards until this week. I don’t think they are fun. They are a mix of fairly bad unlikely to be ever played and too good. The fact that every team has one of the top 3 SP, the top RF, arguably the top SS, and top tier players at all other positions bugs me. Certainly they will not stay as the best players forever but the fact that they instantly rendered the vast majority of even diamond players only useful to theme teams bugs me.

But I’m weak of spirit. I’ve allowed myself to play Cy Young, Enos Slaughter and Nomar (at 1b) for now. Nomar is high on my list of needs to be replaced. The other two I can justify by saying I get one pitcher and one position player as a reward for all those missions but Nomar is purely because I’m tired of Dan McGann underperforming.

I agree, I don’t like that everyone has the same Special Edition cards. My best team is mostly SE cards, and it doesn’t feel very Red Soxish.

I did just pull Pete Rose, so I guess I should try him on my Bronze team.

For some reason I don’t see my tournaments in the OOTP start screen now. Normally there’s a summary of your current and recent tournaments, right below the space where you log in on the start sreen. Anyone else having this trouble?

I know that people complained about how the tournaments were listed on the start screen but it was better then the current deal of not listing any tournaments!

YourKidnies got out of the spreadsheet business a couple of days ago. Since I’m not on the BFF discord I don’t know the story.

Yeah, whatever happened tonight that messed up the tourney listing sucks. :) Bummer about YourKidnies, will have to look and see what happened.

Edit: I haven’t found any discussion yet of what happened on the bff discord. I did find this link on the main discord: The sheet is retiring. - Google Docs

It sounds like some people were giving him crap, because the sheet helps level the playing field. I wonder if Angered Unicorn is getting grief as well since his work does a lot to help folks with their tournament teams.

My bad. I assumed it was on the BFF discord. I should have figured it was on the main discord.

I’m surprised there doesn’t appear to be discussion about it in bff. It is in the roster and strategy advice channel on the main discord. Someone else was saying there also were some complaints about Kidnies getting access to babip info from ootpd.

And the tournaments are back on the start screen.

Dropped a bunch of games at the end of last night. Think by a total of maybe 8 runs. Ugh. I have a total of 2 batters over .300. Byron Buxton is a beast when I see him on other teams. But he’s been horrible for me the last few seasons. So I pulled him finally. And replaced one of my two underperforming catchers. Tweeked strategy to be much more aggressive. We’ll see how that goes.

On the good news side of things, I made a change to my teams unis last night and it still seems to be holding. So now I have some cool green unis which is an underused color as far as I can tell. So ‘yay me’.

EDIT: About that uni thing…as soon as I clicked on a player I noticed his little avatar up top had the correct colors but the original logo. And when I went from him back to my team screen the logo was the original one again but with the new green colors. Shit!