Outer Wilds - a solar system trapped in a time loop.

Yeah, the dark kind of bums me out. I’m not spoilering this because hopefully it’s vague enough not to bother anyone but - I just want to see everything, go everywhere, do everything, and the dark impedes my ability to do that in a way that doesn’t feel fun to me. I get that it’s just the mechanic of this particular area, and I can deal with it, it’s just the slightest bit of a letdown in comparison to lots of other areas in the game.

The good thing though is you can “case the joint” before the darkness.

Did you explore the cliffside lodge with the lights on, dive? I feel like that would have helped you get a better idea of the layout of the place/where you could go and potentially what you had to do, rather than, quite literally, fumbling in the dark! You had the thought so I was surprised you didn’t act on it! :)

This is probably going to sound dumb, but once I turned the lights out I kinda got panicky. Like constantly looking over my shoulder, trying to keep the light as dim as possible for as long as possible so I wouldn’t get spotted, and just managed to get myself thoroughly lost. I probably made it way harder than it should have been.

Hah, same here! My first encounter with the owl folk was right next to the entrance to the cliffside lodge, near the big bridge that leads you across the canyon. After that I was a wreck skulking around in the dark; nowhere felt safe. I also love the bite fake-out when you get caught.

Well, so … I think I’m stuck. I’ve been everywhere that I can think of to go and I’ve collected lots of information, lots of pieces of data and I can’t quite make it form into a coherent whole, a thing I can look at and say, ‘ah yes, I see what needs to be done.’ If I could do that, even if I wasn’t entirely sure how to accomplish what needed to be done, I could move forward. But I don’t, and I’m not sure what I’m missing. I have lots of slide reels, lots of bits that seem to be telling me something but I can’t really tell what that is.

I’ve got stuff like, one of the owl guys jumped off the raft that I’ve found circling one of the dream areas. This seems to lead somewhere? But I’m not sure where to do this, or what it should be doing. Also, I’ve got that Matrix-vision clue that I mentioned I found earlier, but so far only really one place it helped me - back in the bottom floor archive at the lodge, I found an invisible path to get to a cabinet looking thing. Unfortunately when I opened it, there was nothing there, so I’m not sure what good this is doing me.

I’m probably missing something fairly basic and yet also fundamental to discovery. I went back to the sunken bell thing to see where it points me - and I have been back to the tower fire that it seems to be pointing me to. I’ve wandered around in there quite a bit, found some things I could light up and also extinguish - I see that some doors can only be opened in the dark - but I haven’t really found anything that seems useful? I don’t feel any closer to opening the locks on the mcguffin, which I’m guessing is the climax of this particular story.

I’m not upset about this, mind you. But I think I need to take a break, take a fresh look at this in a week or so to see if anything jumps out at me. I don’t want to keep beating my head against this and risk losing the fun. So, bye for now.

Ha, yeah, I got stuck for a week in a pretty similar place. Do read the computer logs carefully, there are good hints in there.

Wow. I feel like you might have took a shortcut to learning some forbidden knowledge early without the proper context maybe?

I don’t remember the exact path to this knowledge but did you…learn about the “secret” of the tower?

If I took a shortcut, it wasn’t intentional. Like I said, I probably have a more random approach to investigation in these kinds of games. I just wander, look at stuff that seems interesting, follow it where it wants to take me, and loop back around if it seems like there was more stuff to see where I started. I kind of lean on the ship’s computer in situations like that, where it will usually tell me ‘there is more to do here’ or whatever it says.

As far as a ‘secret of the tower’, I guess I’m not sure? I feel like I’ve discovered all kinds of bits, things that may or may not be considered ‘secrets’, pretty much everywhere I have gone. I don’t recall a specific thing about that place. By tower, do you mean the tower that’s in the Cinder Isles, where all the houses are on stilts over the water? If so, do you mean the secret entrance down at the water level? Because I did find that.

Edit: I had a more explicit hint here, but more fundamentally, did you find the vision in the diving bell?

I don’t remember, to be honest with you. I went back to the underwater bell thing last night to see if I could find anything else so maybe? I’ve found so many visions and looked at so many slide reels they’re kind of running together. I’ll check again when I go back to the game.

It’s honesty hard to give you hints. You might be missing something in their habitat.

I think we need to stop giving you hints for a bit. This game is so satisfying when something clicks. Always good to take a break and see what happens next time you launch it.

Yeah, you guys are right. I’m kind of just putting my thoughts down to sort of clear up my own thinking, I’m not averse to you guys pointing stuff out but I’m not necessarily looking for a push in the right direction either. It’s very likely I missed something that will clear all this up, I’ll give it a few days and try again.

This is probably the best advice, especially for figuring it out yourself. It’s more of pain to check the log than in the base game but it’s still super helpful to be told “there’s more to find in this location” and “you’re done here, look elsewhere”.

So, I did it. I’ve completed the Echoes of the Eye DLC for Outer Wilds. But I don’t really feel good about it. Mainly because I solved the remaining problems through brute force.

I mean, I did review all the slides and clues I had received, going through all the rumors on the spaceship and visiting every place on the Stranger I could think of to visit. And a lot, a whole lot, of wandering in the dream world. I never really felt like I was on this game’s wavelength, I stopped having lightbulb moments around the time I made my last post. Like, I had to jump in the fire, die in the fire, in order to get past the sentinel things? I guess in retrospect it makes a kind of sense, but even watching that particular slide it didn’t occur to me to do this, it was just a thing I tried out of frustration - and then I kept wandering around because I had no other way to exit the dream world! Except die again, I suppose. I don’t remember any other time in the game where I needed to manipulate the whole live, die, repeat cycle in order to progress and that just didn’t seem like a logical way forward, for whatever reason. And the whole jumping off the raft - I could tell that I needed to do it, but it was a fair amount of trial and error before I worked out where to do that. Though that one did make more sense in retrospect.

Anyway I did like the final moments, and it was all worthwhile in the end. When I ran into the owl guy hiding in the locked room, and he stepped out of the darkness reaching for me, as if to snuff my lamp like all the other times, and then just gives me a big toothy grin? Yeah that was just about a heart attack. Cool to see a resolution to all the stuff I had found, even if I felt that I did a poor job piecing things together. The experience was satisfying, but my path through it was less so, if that makes sense.

Anyway, thumbs up overall, just not quite as high as the main game for me. I really can’t wait to see what these folks do next.


My understanding of the progression having beaten it is: (Heavy spoilers. Do not read unless you finished the DLC as it covers the critical path)

Explore the ships world and discover:

  1. The damaged slides
  2. The strange vault
  3. The secret of the artifact and how to enter the simulation

Explore the simulation (specifically from the vault room fire) and discover:

  • A secret room in the tower which ultimately leads to the hidden slide burning rooms. This might be the trickiest sequence of the DLC, and one of the most important, as it involves both simulation and ship overworld actions/exploration.

Explore each slide burning room to discover:

  • How to access the three hidden archives in the simulation

Explore the hidden archives in the Simulation to discover:

  • How to break the three seals on the vault

I generally followed this progression with the exception that I found one of the slide burn rooms early before ever entering the simulation. Suffice is to say it’s slide reel did not make much sense at the time.


It’s worth noting that with the DLC done, the main game’s ending will differ slightly and I think it’s worth the final journey to witness.

That moment with the fire and death was an incredible realisation to me and I felt like such an idiot for not seeing it sooner. I loved that you never got the codes for the vault, just the means to side step them.

The segment with the prisoner and exchanging your stories is one of most gut wrenching and emotional moments in the entire game for me. The base game + DLC arc coming together with the music, the completion of the ring motif, then the painful/joyous scream of the owl afterwards was just beautiful.

Oh man, I had to sit back and laugh when I realized that the things I had been chasing for the entire DLC story was not important at all and, probably more importantly, didn’t even exist.

Yup, that is a cool trick of the DLC.

The actually codes cannot be found in-game, BUT they DO actually exist AND work, thanks to people who datamined the game.