Outriders - Square Enix colonizes space

I wanted to get it, but couldnt figure out how to purchase it - All I could was puchase it as a gift, and it kept wanting me own the original, which I do.

I preordered it and have been playing it this evening. So far, it’s more of the same, which is totes fine by me as Outriders was one of my favourites last year. I haven’t progressed enough to really get into the deep end of the new mechanics but perhaps the thing that excites me most is the new ‘apocalypse’ gear (purples or yellows with a skull on 'em) which come with a 3rd mod. You can’t reroll it, but it looks like even purples can roll with a tier 3 mod in that slot. So getting that perfectly rolled drop will be the new hook here I’m sure.

I want to dive into this over the weekend. I usually take a while to get my head around a game that I am coming back to after a long absence. I started a new character to ease myself back into the mechanics, but will probably jump back to my endgame Technomancer or whatever it is called.

Is this an early access release of the DLC or what does this mean? If it is an EA release, any mention of when it’s actually released?


$40 for an expansion seems awfully steep, no? I care more about progression systems and the like and it sounds like this has quite a bit of it, but it seems like the campaign is only ~4 hours long. Not too much of an issue to me, but it’s why I’m wondering if A) it’s early access and B) why it’s a $40 expansion pack.

It released officially today I think; if you bought it in the few days before today you got “early access” is what they mean I believe.

As for the pricing, no clue. I suspect the logic is one, it adds a robust end-game treadmill for folks who like the gameplay, and two, they needed to make money because apparently they didn’t on the original release!

Ahhh, thanks. That’s unfortunate and confusing wording on their part, it makes it sound like the DLC is an Early Access release. As in, not done yet.

$40 is still crazy steep for an expansion pack. I’m not too price sensitive, but hopefully they know what they’re doing and it doesn’t drive people away from purchasing. Especially those who were turned off by the previous endgame and are curious to see how this expands on that (like me).

Yeah, I bought it largely because I liked the basic gameplay of the game, and wanted to see where they take things. I do have my qualms though.



Gamers are notoriously whiny and “worth” is highly subjective, but this is too bad. Nearly every review I can see is complaining about the price.

This is disappointing. I liked Outriders, but they botched a lot of stuff at release. I know they’ve been at work improving things since then so the release of an expansion is a perfect time to win back players and it seems like they may have dropped the ball yet again. This may be on Square Enix’s shoulders as I have no idea if People Can Fly have control over the pricing. If that’s the case, I worry they’ve screwed PCF once again.

I finished the extra campaign content last night and it does feel a mite short, BUT I’ve barely scraped the ‘endgame’ stuff yet and that makes it tricky for me to judge (just yet). If you’re just interested in a one time playthrough I can see the price not being appropriate for what you get and I do kinda resent that the story was left even more open than when it started. Though I’m still enjoying the shooting and new looting immensely. The new levels look neat too.

Yeah, I think the vision for this sort of expansion is that the campaign stuff is just one part of the package, and not necessarily the most significant part either. The new progression tracks, loot, and mission set up for endgame I think is expected to carry most of the weight.

Campaign doesn’t interest me at all, I’m more about additional mechanics and systems so this expansion seems to be targeted at someone like me.

Have any of you had any technical issues or disconnects?

No, but I’m only a little ways into the new missions. The bosses are really nasty and the new missions throw a lot of them at you. I have had to turn down the Apocalypse level from 7 to 4 or 5 a couple of times so far. I’m probably under-geared.

Does this still suck for solo players?

It never did - its one the best shooters in my opinion for the past many years - and I only play solo.

I really enjoyed it solo also.

Yeah, never did anything but Solo. It can be hard, for some bosses, but dropping tiers usually gets you by.

The DLC is supposed to be tuned for coop, unlike the rest of the game, which is doable solo without pulling your hair out, at least to the point I did it.

Like most of these sorts of games, it all depends on what you want out of it. I suspect that if you want to get the best of everything, groups will be necessary, but there is plenty of fun to be had solo if you aren’t a min/max maven.

The main difficulty issue when solo is that you can’t self revive. In coop you can do it once (per combat). Your teammate can revive you any number of times too. You can get away with pushing the difficulty a little higher in coop as a result due to mistakes being so much more forgiving.

That said, my char was so overpowered the DLC campaign would’ve been trivial to solo anyway…

I really can’t figure out the gear in this game. I upgrade all of the attributes I can, and use mods tuned to my skills, but I never am quite certain what is most effective. I tend to stick with the same weapons for a long time because I pretty much never get anything (after 40 at least) that is any better than what I have.