Outward: An Adventure Life Simulator (RPG) by indie developer Nine Dots

Yeah. 90% of it looks no better than, say, an Xbox 360/PS3-era game. And there’s the occasional bit that’s just really pretty- see also: the PC/clothes/backpacks/lanterns.

The new version, as far as I can tell, has a slight bit better fog/smoke in a few areas, and they cranked the HDR up got some glowy bits and fire. Still, it’s an opportunity to get into those DLCs I never touched, including (I think?) yet another magic system! And that’s not even counting the new weapon enchantment system.

This just popped up on my radar while looking for something to potentially try after Elden Ring. I don’t mind some jank if there is some interesting stuff there.

Tried some on the PS5, but the default controls were rough with no way to configure them. It also wasn’t hitting a locked 60 in spite of the non-cutting edge graphics. That lead to terrible screen tearing.

Switched over to the PC and tweaked the settings to get a stable sixty frames and enabled v sync so the tearing is fixed. Customized the controls to more closely match a Souls game and that made the combat click a lot better.

Now I’m dealing with annoying bugs. One of the first fetch quests didn’t work. Entering one area automatically puts me back outside and usually locks the game up. I’m a little hesitant to deep dive on this one at the moment.