Overly Slidey Mouse (Windows 7)

So I’m trying to use my MS bluetooth laser intellimouse 8000 with a new Windows 7 install on my iMac. The mouse works fine on the Mac OS X side. It worked fine on my previous Windows XP install. And the Apple magic mouse works fine in Windows 7. But the Intellimouse feels subtly wrong only in Windows 7. It’s almost as if it has inertia, particularly when moving slowly – I’ll stop moving it, and it will just keep going for a few more pixels.

I could just declare defeat and use the Magic Mouse, but I really like my Microsoft mouse. Anyone know if there’s some magic bit I can flip to fix this?

If it matters, I upgraded to the latest Intellimouse drivers I could find, dating from June 2010.

Problem solved, I think. After installing the driver, after the next reboot I got a new slider, “battery life vs. performance”. Dragging that all the way up towards Performance brought it back into acceptable range.