Painkiller - probably aquiring a certain tarot card

I’ve finished the game, and am now going back and getting tarot cards I missed. I’m having a problem on C3L2 - where you must ‘kill 30 enemies in demon morph mode’. I’ve played through it twice, and I know for a fact I got more than 30 kills, but both times it tells me I “FAILED”. Last time, I used the Dark Soul card, so i could morph at 50 souls, rather than 66, and I morphed a whopping 5 times in the level. In one morph alone, i know I had 25 kills because I had gathered 25 souls again before the morph was over. I bet I had 50-60 kills, nearly double the requirement, yet… FAILED.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong, or is this a known bug?

You need 30 kills in a single morph, not across all of them.

It’s not too hard, you just have to get to 65 (49), gather a giant group of them, then kill one and massacare them all.

Ah! I’m off to give that another shot then.


The best place to do it is in the last big fight–the one where you jump down, a container explodes, and those skeletal doughboys start coming out. You can run around in a circle as more and more of them spawn, then kill one, morph, and kill 30 of them. It’s actually kind of tough to do–took me a couple tries.

2 or 3 more tries later, I finally did it. I can’t tell you what area I achieved it in, but I’ll bet it was in the area you described, or else that circular room just before it. I was passing up souls left and right to stay on 49 till I felt the pack was large enough. The “firing rate” in demon mode is pretty slow, and it doesn’t last long, so yeah, it was pretty tough to accomplish.