Paradox buys White Wolf and all properties from CCP

The Cyanide GOT game was amazingly underrated. I liked that game a lot and it got shit reviews.

Yes, but to be honest I think most reviewers dropped it after few hours because the game did look and play very poorly. The great writing and voice work is what made it great, but even that takes a while to get going.

I think anyone that likes CRPGs and GOT would like that game. So I was surprised that almost all of the reviews were bad on the 7-9 scale. Especially because I feel like almost everyone that plays CRPGs likes GOT, including reviewers.

I’m not saying its among the best CRPGs of all time…but its not bad. I generally don’t give games a look if they are scoring under 70 on Metacritic. I had pre-ordered this game on Amazon and had forgotten about it before it showed up on my doorstep. Had I not pre-ordered and forgotten about it, I probably would never have played it.

Yeah I completely ignored it until I read the RPS review

One of the few that actually goes into what is good about the game.

This is a pretty cool idea for teaser!

Some artwork from their ARG:

I’m excited to see their vision of a vampire invested Seattle.

It’s already here. Bezos and his minions sucking the lifeblood from everything and everyone.

I kid, I kid. Mostly.

Your kidding got a generous chuckle out of me! I hope they have something analogous to Amazon in-game.

I propose Danube, as it is the river that the Transylvania plateau fed into, and bordered at times.

Paradox and Hardsuit Labs Vampire reveal will be happening in a little under 6 hours. Here’s a link to their official countdown:

In a now deleted Tweet, Paradox’s official Twitter account tweeted a link to a Discord server sporting this banner:

We’re getting Bloodlines 2, baby! :)

A direct sequel, releasing in Q1 2020.

Gamespot preview:

CGI trailer when release is a year away? Weird.