Party Down parties on!

The negativity around this return astonishes me. It’s like they’re reviewing what they thought the show was going to be, instead of what it actually is. I was super skeptical, but it’s excellent so far, because it actually isn’t as nihilistic as you think the concept of “What if the Party Down guys were still doing this shit job ten years later?” would be.

Half the crew has actually moved on to bigger and better things, and the themes the show explores about the ones who haven’t isn’t “Look at these losers still chasing their dreams!” It’s that sometimes your dreams change, or you come to a place of acceptance about where you are in your life, or figure out a way for your talents to give meaning to the world in other ways besides fame. The new social media influencer cast member really works too: he’s like the new heart of the show. I

'm literally shocked I like it as much as I do. If you’ve been holding off, I highly recommend giving it a shot.

Could not agree more with your entire post. The show is as good as it ever was. There have been so many genuine LOL moments.