Path of Exile asks if you've got room for another action RPG

Title Path of Exile asks if you've got room for another action RPG
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When July 24, 2012

What a grand time to be a fan of action RPGs. It's not enough that a AAA juggernaut like Diablo III changed up the action in ways that won over a Diablo II diehard like me..

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Thanks for the heads up on this, and also thanks for your series on Secret World. I'm sad to read it's going on hiatus and, unfortunately, as a recovering MMO addict I have to live vicariously through the columns of journalists like yourself if I want to keep up on things. Your writing on SW was very much appreciated as it covered both sides of the coin (whereas a lot of writers seem to gloss over problems), in addition to that touch of humor that keeps us all glued to our QT3 feed.

yay Tom showing POE some love.

I enjoyed PoE quite a lot, but it's kinda clunky whenever it deviates from doing stuff the Diablo way. Well, okay, inventory management is taken straight from the first Diablo game, but it's still vile.

Certainly try the open beta if you're into action RPGs. Let me know what you all think.

Well, right after the open beta ended I went and "supported" the devs with ten bucks so I could get a closed beta key and jump right back in, if that tells you anything. I'm actually alt-tabbed right now.

And I hated Diablo 3, even!

It's totally not done (this wasn't one of those "we'll pretend it's a beta to get some publicity" deals), but there's a lot to see. I especially like the way active abilities, and their modifiers, work. The weird barter system economy (there's no gold as far as I've seen, like at all) threw me off at first, but it makes sense for the setting. I don't have a particularly high level character, so I can't say how well that works late-game.

Amazing game. I've been in the Beta for a couple months now and I'm loving it.

The extent of the character builds are nearly limitless. Also the Dev's care about the community and are building a true free to play game without ANY Pay To Win! That means any paid content will be in the form of only visual changes to your player or skills and extra character slots, on top of 21 character slots already and extra stash slots.

I played the beta for Diablo 3 and was not impressed.
I think PVP will be out in POE before Diablo 3.