Path of Exile

The nice thing about POE, at least so far, is there are many builds where you don’t have to be a reflex maniac. I’m sure Grinding Gear games understands that and I expect them to continue with that design aspect.

I’ve always been on the standalone client. If Steam takes longer than this, I can’t even …

I don’t know why I decided to play today. I guess because I’m listening to a historical podcast, and want something to do with my hands while I listen. It’s only been 10 minutes so far, but it already feels like forever. I wonder how long it will take.

There’s a Twitch Prime giveaway for some character effects.

Presumably a very sparkly riot shield and baton.


(Sorry, I’m done, I’ll unfollow the thread.)

You gotta do what your conscience demands. For me, Blizzard’s bans of competitors and casters were too much and I gave up Hearthstone (which I loved). But GGG hasn’t done anything nearly as explicit, and I don’t intend to give up on a company doing good work just because of who their owners are. If they follow Blizzard’s example I’ll re-evaluate.

Thanks for the heads up. I cashed in. My first cosmetic for Path of Exile (I usually always buy stash tabs). I was eager to see how it looked, so I launched the game at that time.

Sadly, it’s still checking resources. I really have to go to bed soon. It’s been over 90 minutes now, I don’t think playing PoE is in the cards tonight.

I did the same thing, fired up the game to see the new shiny thing. Took me about 20 minutes to launch it, after having not updated for about a month. For whatever reason, you’ve got an extra-slow setup there @Rock8man. PoE is apparently a “prepare the day before” game for you!

The launcher was waiting for me this morning. I launched the game. (Check). Picked my only character in the new Blight mode (check). Clicked Play (Check). The game keeps saying “Failed to connect to instance”. Well this has never happened before. I guess I’ll try it after work if there isn’t another patch today.

I hope this has got nothing to do with me connecting my account to twitch.

Let me guess, you have the game installed on a mechanical drive? I get that all the time if it’s on a HDD. Move it to a SSD if you have one.

Basically, what happens is they are loading too slowly from disk and something in their backend times out on you. The game is literally unplayable for me on a hard disk for the past year or so. Took me a while to figure that out, but it’s a known problem. Found many people online with the same issue and same solution.

I don’t have room on my SSD. On the mechanical drive it shall stay.

Hopefully you have better luck than I. I haven’t been able to launch it from a hard disk for the past 6-8 months or so.

That is why there are Black Friday sales! Bet you can still find a cheapo deal or two in the runup to Christmas.

Jumped in belatedly the last couple weeks of the league intending to try out an unfamiliar build or two in prep for next go around. Tried a summoner first, and holy moly, this is crazy pants good. Killed Uber Elder and been powering through pretty much everything else near effortlessly. Unless there’s physical reflect. Then my zombies have a bad day.

I think I’m in love with this build.

Looks like it’s only my Blight Server character that I can’t connect to. I can do my hardcore or dead hardcore characters (aka Standard characters that I haven’t bothered deleting).

I wonder what’s going on with the Blight server?

Edit: Oh hey, after logging into the other servers, now my Blight server character can be connected as well. Hurray.

There is no “blight server”, versus “other servers for other leagues”. Did you switch gateways? That’s been known to help odd connectivity problems (from “can’t connect to login server” to “can’t select X characteR” ).

Either way, glad it was sorted.

Link please? I was thinking of playing a more passive character next league if I’ll have enough time.

I’m mainly playing Qlida’s Zombiemancer build. A few tweaks based on equipment available, etc, along the way but no significant divergences at this point.

My current character is Ralith at

Note that I still don’t have a 6-link weapon, in particular the seriously monster OP crafted version you can make, so my zombies are still “underpowered” due to missing the Empower 4. I’m killing everything fast enough already, it hasn’t been a real priority, honestly.

So the zombies kill even bosses while you run around trying to avoid getting hit? Or do you join in and hit bosses along with your minions?

Oh, the zombies (or skeletons, in the skelemancer variety) kill the bosses. The necromancer’s job is to not die. If you hit a boss with something, it’s because it has some defensive utility.

Yep, exactly. My job is dodging and occasionally popping Convocation to pull the minions away from some big AoE effect. If I have a chance, I’ll duck in to smack the boss (or whatever random enemy is around) with Cyclone every 5-6 seconds. That procs Fortify, Spirit Offering and Desecrate for some nice buffs.

edit: Oh, I have one other job. I lean back in my chair and giggle madly as everything insta-gibs around me.