Path of Exile

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I have not lost interest in PoE, but in every league now I quickly hit the point where the awful lategame performance becomes intolerable. The stronger my builds get, the more disappointed I am.

Next week I should receive new parts to rebuild my PC, but I expect it will make no real difference. Average FPS will go up, but maps with dozens of mods, Delirium, etc, will still play like laggy stuttery trash. I hope I’m wrong, but I fear that I’m not.

GGG must decide to take the performance issues seriously.

I haven’t played in a few leagues so this is the first time I’ve spent a significant period of time since maybe harvest? Anyway, the performance on my laptop is so terrible that I can barely play even with almost all the graphics options turn down (and this is with a 1050). So I hear you.

Also, @ineffablebob I just checked the bank and holy cow thanks for dumping that currency in there! That seems like a ton to me although I watched a YouTube video of a POE streamer this morning and he said “this is a cheap build it only cost around 30 exalts” so maybe I don’t have a realistic idea of how much things cost around here!

You’re welcome! Yeah, there’s a major discontinuity between casual and “professional” players, by which I mainly mean streamers. Someone like me might see 3 or 4 exalts in an entire league, because we’re not doing the high-end content and specialized crafting that results in super-expensive items to sell. The high-end market is for those with the time and knowledge to find and make items that go for those big prices.

Also, when someone says their build is “30 exalts” it generally means you can get 90% of the build for about ten percent of that price, and then the tweaks to squeeze out that last bit of min-max cost a ton. Not always true - if the build relies on one super-rare unique that costs 20 exalts, for instance - but a lot of builds run fine with cheaper gear through the majority of content.

That’s a good point. I’m sure that most builds I see could be constructed by spending maybe one exalt and that would be good enough for my purposes.

The POE community folks have gathered up some fan art to share, many of which are fantastic.

The Brine King is my favorite, but they’re all good.

Well, the social media guys are truth tellers, at least.

Some sort of database problem, big queues and disconnects. It’s been a while since a PoE patch launch has had this level of problems.

@ineffablebob hook a brother up with some summoner builds please! I heard golems are a thing now for necros and I’m tempted to try them out, but would have no problem playing skeletons either.

I haven’t been following the top-tier stuff, honestly. Last couple of leagues I started with Wrecker of Days’ builds, which are built for SSF and simple gamplay. I’ve used this zombie build of his before, this time I’m trying this hybrid Righteous Fire/golem summoner, and he’s got various others. I’m sure you can find more min-maxed options if you poke around the Witch forum.

Dunno how closely you tracked this but it wasn’t just massive login issues (and slow/long queues).

GGG put a bunch of streamers, and in some cases their followers, in a priority list that allowed them to skip queues and log in. This has upset reddit. This was also done without the streamers knowledge apparently, and a number of them asked to be taken off. Among people given prio were a couple of bleeding edge economy setters/content zoomers as well as their guilds (EmpyrianGaming was one).

Huh, I’d not paid any attention to the streamer thing. No way of knowing if the streamer priority thing caused the connection/queue issues to be worse than they would have been otherwise, but it wouldn’t surprise me. I doubt we’d be hearing much about this if there had been no performance issues, but as it is…looks pretty bad on GGG.

As for me, I’m done for now. I got my toon past Brutus, had to relog three times due to various disconnects. Not gonna play around their issues any more, I’ll wait until it gets fixed.

Don’t think it impacted the connection issues - which is where the technical problems started obviously - but who knows on the long queue times. I was going to play this evening but held off. I’ll check and see how it’s doing tomorrow but I’m not going to start until it’s stable.

How did I not know a new league was here?.?

For summoners, Kay”s summoner is a good one. There are many others in the forums. As long as you pick a league starter build you should be fine.

There’s a big long post up now about the launch issues, including the streamer mess, up now. Apparently the streamer thing was an unplanned and (obviously) not well thought out response to the slow queues, in an attempt to save some sunk-cost marketing money. As for the technical issues themselves, they did some kind of restart-required change in an attempt to fix it…jury’s still out.

They’re claiming issues are fixed as of now. I’ve been watching CohhCarnage stream for about 45 minutes and no issues whatsoever. I think we’re in the clear.

I drop in to PoE every once in a while, but usually fall out cause I’m not big on theory crafting, and the game is kinda crazy overwhelming for an ARPG. But gotta say, some of those summoning guides are making me itch to reinstall…

I didn’t play for the first day and everything was fine. I saw a queue with 7000+ people the first time I tried but it cleared in like 2 minutes and I never saw it again. I guess if you tried to play the first day though you had to deal with the queue then constant server crashes losing progress and items.

The queue apparently happened because they forgot to run a pre-migrate option for characters so the system was trying to do a 2-3 minute conversion for each player as they logged in. To combat these queues they decided to let streamers bypass because they were paying said streamers the monies to influence things. It certainly had no measurable impact on anybody else, its just nobody likes watching people pass them in line.

So far I am liking the start, will see how long it holds my interest.

If anyone’s doing zombies this league, you may want to check the guild stash:


Looks like a pretty good mid-to-high level armor. Better than most of what you’ll get until the really top-end stuff.

Meat shield ruins it completely imo, you want the pets to be aggressive, not defensive.

For skels, yeah, not for zombies though, at least from the builds I’ve seen/used (though I’m far from being good at this stuff). Zombies seem to be your meatshields; you don’t expect a ton of DPS from them. Skels and stuff are your big hitters.