Pathfinder: Kingmaker

One battle had my main tank going solo against another tank. So many buffs in play that I needed a 19 to hit. Luckily my opponent needed a 20 to hit. That was a long fight…

Yeah, the rule of thumb is out the door because the designers over tuned every encounter. You really need to be playing on Normal which is where the numbers/stats are reduced in your characters favor, and even then…

I was going to say, if you only need a 10 to hit you’re way more than comfortable. You need to find ways to manage encounters where you need 19/20 to hit if you’re going to have a chance is this game.

Some details. Great QoL improvements.

The “roguelike” nature of the new expansion sounds like great fun to me. I like the idea of a D&D roguelike. This might persuade me to give the game another chance.

And I’m glad to see the QoL improvements include a better character-building UI, such as tooltips indicating whether other party members have a skill, etc. Good stuff.

And then he casts Shield iirc.

That dude is hot garbage for where he is in the game.

Just started playing this recently and my stability dropped to worried because I had negative BP. I have an income of 32 BP a week so I’m confused how I ended up negative. I fixed it by buying BP but my Stability is still worried. Is there anyway to fix it? Also how did I go negative in BP so I can avoid it in the future.

It’s chilling that my playthrough could be ruined by ignorant mistakes made in the kingdom part of the game, which seems poorly explained.

Negative BP can happen as the result of events and choices in the throne room.
They should all be labelled now and it doesn’t check for the stability hit until end of the week or something so you have time to buy more BP if that happens, but it’s possible you missed that an event took you negative.

The general rule before they added the text telling you about BP hits and gave a grace period to buy more was to never, ever have less than 100 BP in the bank, preferably 200. That way if some random event/throne room thing happened it wouldn’t matter. Always check your BP before you head out as well just to be safe.

Things they’re adding:

  • Respec
  • New Random Encounters (not just fights)
  • Boggards (Toad people)
  • Death effects for elemental attacks
  • Rebalanced beginning
  • Coup de grace! (and animations for it)
  • More under-represented magical weapons (woo magic battle axes and spears)

There is a lot of freaking awesome packed into that blog. Stuff from new energy based death animations and coup de grace being added in (finally) to all the stuff there you already mentioned. Man, all they need now is an optional turn-based mode (ala PoE 2) to be a perfect CRPG!

Any bets anyone wants to place on when the Enhanced Edition will be largely bug free, stable, and polished? :)

What about the ending? I’ve seen a lot more complaints about the ending than the balance at the beginning. Did they ever redo the last chapter to address complaints?

Yes, a couple of times.

There is only one thing that can be done when this new enhanced version hits: Start over!!

So it has taken a year for them to launch their dlcs and make an amazing amount of quality improvements.

And I agree a optional turn based mode might make this one of the greatest rpgs of … well last few years!

There’s a new mod that implements turn based mode:

I have not tried it, so I have no idea how well it works.

No matter how well it works you still have maps with dozens of identical mandatory fights. To make turn-based work you need to cut 3/4 of combat encounters in this game. And it would mean rebalancing rewards and XP and so on.

Btw, if you all haven’t seen this:

AND the new enhanced edition is out at the same time! Patch notes look like a Los Angelos phonebook (dated myself I guess).

I tinkered with the new dungeon last night. You create your party of 4 and go into generally large, mostly empty dungeon areas fighting bad guys, gaining cash, and then buying new stuff. I found it oddly relaxing, frankly.

I’m just waiting for a few mods to get updated before I dive back in.

So I read BtSL can be played as part of the campaign, but can I also start a new group of characters and just play it like as a random dungeon thing? If I do that will I spoil anything for my main party’s campaign?

You can definitely just launch straight into BtSL and roll all new characters from the main menu. Can’t speak to the potential for any spoiler content.

I don’t think you can BtSL back to the main campaign… which is too bad cause I have been running my little group in there. I DO think you can main campaign into BtSL. But I am not sure when.

Maybe a tip worth mentioning: If you want a 5th party member you can get one at the start by selling most of those potions etc. As a 6th party member --be careful --price goes up FAST.

Ps my slayer archer as 6th character is owning these --uh --Glowey frogs?

Oh you can go straight into BtSL