Pathfinder - Wrath of the Righteous; A Kingmaker follow-up that supports turn-based gameplay now!

Speaking of companion death’s, what is the correct choice of Lann at the end? If you force him to stay your group, he then gets a sad ending because you didn’t trust him. If you do trust him and let him do his thing, he dies.

Spoiler alert!

You’ve answered your own question. There is no ‘correct’ ending, but the best choice for Lann is whatever works for your story. For me, it wasn’t about trust, although he tried to make it so. He’s too young to understand. You don’t let your kids do reckless things that can get them killed just to show you trust them. You guide them and show them there are other ways to show trust without the risk. And he wasn’t willing to share his plan, so I had no way of knowing what was going to happen.

I guess that means I’ll be getting a sad ending for him. Poor guy.

There is a correct ending!

To get Lann’s good ending, you have to trust him, and you also had to have him reconcile with his mom, and possibly other things. In my playthrough, Lann got stingered but lived, then we all went down and stabified the bad demon guy. Lann was happy I trusted him.

I stand corrected! I assumed wrongly that @DeepT was indicating the choice between the only two endings. My mistake!

Not sure if I’d have gotten a better result, though. I did reconcile Lann with his mom, but if there were other things I needed to do, I don’t know what they are to judge. Probably earlier stuff, and I’ve no clue what those are now. Still, that leaves me something to look forward to on future plays if I can avoid too much spoilerish stuff about outcomes.

I like some of the style changes made to the general look of the game with the new patch, like changed portraits and colours. But man, do I ever hate the new sound they added to the tooltip pop-up. Every time I hover over anything now it makes this page opening sound that drives me nuts, and no way to turn it off unless I turn down the interface sound volume. Gah.

I love crunchy character building. But something about WotR has broken me. I simply have no idea what is a good AC at a given level beyond about 5th or 6th. Same with AB and CMD. CL and save DC is easier because it is always either you have maxed it and are effective or you simply don’t do things that require saves.

Between inflated stat blocks and my inexperience with high level games means that I have no idea if my non-casting characters will still be useful in Act 4. I normally don’t care about this but Owlcat’s odd balance spikes combined with the desire to try out other builds (some of which are perhaps more fun then optimized) somehow frustrating me in a way that most games don’t.

They broke auto casting again.

These fucking monkeys.

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine patch notes that keep saying they fixed autocast and charge - forever.”
-Orwell, probably

So, for me when I trusted him, he died. Maybe he will live if I first get him to reconcile with his mother? I think it came to a failed persuasion check if that is the case? The way it worked out with me was that I trusted Lann, he goes down talks to the demon guy and agrees to take the demons poison, seems to survive it, and then shoots the demon in the face. He is then ganked by everyone (your party is no where near him when this happens) and he dies. After you kill everyone he says he was doomed to die early anyway and to let him go. This is a stupid line because he survived the poison so should have been cured of the early death. Then, in a game where you have magical healing and ressurection spells, there is nothing you can do, and thats the end of Lann.

An AC in the upper 30s and lower 40s is good against trash mobs. Against the heavy hitters AC = useless. On character I had I managed to get an AC of 49 (mage with improved mage armor and swarm bonus) and that AC would let me survive a few rounds, but ultimately was still ineffective.

The monster design in this game is just stupid. I firmly believe all monsters should have a designed weakness, but in this game that isn’t the case. You might even see a guy with a low will save, but is immune to charm / mind affecting/ death so that low will save is pointless, or one with a low reflex save but is immune to paralyze like effects and is huge (so it will not fit into a pit spell).

Seriously. I really think Owlcat has busted, unprofessional coding practices. The amount of regression they keep introducing is nuts.

Autocast is something easily noticed. Imagine how many other bugs get reintroduced!

LOL nailed it.

In related, but good, news the live version of 1.1 fixed my 100% stuck load screen going into Drezen so I was already able to wrap up any quests on the world map I still had open, and then I was able to load into the city and wrap up the last of them, so I’m now heading off to Threshold (or something) and I assume that’s the end of the game. Well, I hope anyway - I’m 88 hours into this play through.

I’m a little bummed - before this bug hit me I had run into the Chief of Lann’s tribe and he furthered Lann’s quest at last. But when I couldn’t get into Drezen I did a lot of other stuff such as revert to previous saves in an attempt to get around the bug (to no avail) and in doing so, never repeated that encounter (instead I got a different encounter with a Drow that was also neat, but not a companion quest). I ran around the world map on purpose for about 10 in-game days and the Chief event never happened again. I’m just going to have to shrug and move into Threshold, I suppose. A quest to see through in another play through.

Finished my Angel run last night. It was very good and should probably considered the canon ending. Definitely better than the others I’ve done (GD, Demon, Trickster). Lots of recurring NPCs and interaction that was missing from the other paths.

I romanced Galfrey and it was a bit disappointing. There just wasn’t much there. However, it was pretty cool hearing her barks when she joins your party halfway through Threshold.

I played the whole game on Daring because I felt I was running a weaker party. My MC was a Divine Scion - paladin with Slayer stuffs and no smite. Which was pretty powerful. But, no pets, no pure Paladin for Mark of Justice, no Freebooter, no Cleric. However by the time I was Mythic Level 8 the Angel buffs were quite powerful and I probably could have upped the difficulty to Core. I blew through the Enigma in 70 minutes with RTwP. I only did that because I wanted to Ascend and I wanted to see Galfrey’s card. Spoiler - it wasn’t worth it.

I made Seelah a Mutation Fighter and she was quite powerful. AC of around 65 and she could actually hit shit and do real damage too. +47 AB with Power Attack. But, no Mark of Justice.

I’m super excited to start my next run as a Cavalier - Disciple of the Pike going Legend! That’s probably weird.

That’s good to hear about the angel path, my monk/witch/oracle/vivisectionist/DD/deliverer build is going that route.

I did create a cavalier last night, the Paw subclass. Something about a hobbit riding a dog into battle is hard to resist, especially since my favorite D&D character was my hobbit fighter who ended up becoming the sheriff of Hommlet. He’d patrol on his ebony fly, laser pistol strapped to his hip (Expedition to the Barrier Peaks). The DM at the time (we’d take turns doing it at different stages of the shared campaign) decided to introduce the Giants and Drow series of modules by having a drow war party attack my castle at Hommlet one night, killing the guards and coming into my bedroom. Poor little hobbit had to jump out the tower window, but not before grabbing his figurine of wondrous power, which let him get to the castle armory and gear up a bit before returning to the fight. One of the other party members in our troupe who also lived in the castle was a psionicist (character class fleshed out in a Dragon magazine issue), an elderly half-elf who was a retired history professor from the U of Greyhawk whose psionic abilities manifested when he hit that last age group listed in the old 1st ed’s DMG. He had probability travel and started moving the drow to the astral plane.

But I digress down memory lane. This stuff was from the mid-80s, I’d gotten out of AF basic and the Temple of Elemental Module had come out, so we kicked off a new campaign for it. My hobbit cavalier of the Paw is named Ser Dunk Goodbrook, because I’m terrible with character names.

I mean, I definitely never name any characters like Fartmaster Bootyclap or anything, so you should absolutely fear my judgment on the topic.

This little hotpatch problem about the demon teleporting onto an occupied square is something I encountered just yesterday:


We’ve prepared a hot-fix for better crusading.

The issue fixed in version 1.1.0k is: in tactical battle, if a demon unit teleports, it teleports into the square occupied by your unit, and becomes untargetable. Now the demons will teleport as all proper demons should, and you will be able to avenge your fallen soldiers.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Interestingly, when I encountered it, it was a demon in my own army that attacked and ended up on top of the enemy, but the enemy units were still able to target them.

Just hit 13th level here in Act 3. Trying to finish up some quests, I’m at the part where I’ve learned how to pierce abyssal seals and figured once I start that quest that’s the end of Act 3.

FYI this is what i am playing. So much better than Kingmaker… but i keep trying new builds. I haven’t read the thread but my thought is the cavalier is a great class. Halflings!

Game moves much smoother, looks much better, and is really good. If I streamed (god forbid) this is what I would be streaming.

The improvement in all ways over Kingmaker is remarkable.

Just had to pop in and say that with the new patch, my inquistor finally has hair! Long, flowing, luscious locks of beautiful black hair. Before the new patch he sported a crew cut when wearing a diadem (he usually wore a hat that completely covered his hair) but now his glorious mane is in full bloom for all to see.

I’ve been chipping away at this since release and am now in the middle of taking Drezen. It’s interesting to see how different my party composition is from other players, and from some videos I’ve seen other people have access to completely different characters than I do and I think that’s really cool.