Pathfinder - Wrath of the Righteous; A Kingmaker follow-up that supports turn-based gameplay now!

I couldn’t figure out why all the enemies kept killing themselves. I figured a mod was still bugged. But no, Trickster Pesuasion 3.

Absolutely love patch 1.2’s improvements to inventory. All the new, unique icons for items, which are slightly larger now and thus easier to read. Really helpful when scrolling through all your scrolls.

Worried that my duelist legend wouldn’t make 40th, but he just gained almost two levels clearing out the outside of Threshold. He’s a beast, I just can’t see any melee build being more powerful with mythic abilities over the addidtional levels (with the one exception perhaps being trickster, and only if you used the improved improved improved and some more improved critical feats alongside teamwork feats like Seize the Moment).

My next run is going to be a duelist Trickster → Legend. So I can get all the Improved Critical feats and keep them.

I should really start playing on Hard.

Anyone else play much of the DLC yet? Can’t say I’m terribly impressed with it.

I’m stuck and can’t leave Threshold. I’m about halfway through. I’ve entered several bug reports.

If you make a brand new character for the DLC and you choose the lich path, your character is not a lich. I don’t know why - maybe the transformation isn’t inherent in the path?

This is currently on sale for 25% off, $37.49. The DLC and the Season Pass is also 25% off.

Took this week off from work since the kids are out on spring break, and almost bought Black Geyser for $30 since I was in the mood for a party-based, isometric RPG. Instead I saved myself $30 and dove back into WotR with my scimitar and shield Demonslayer build (scimitar crit range ends up at 11-20 and every crit produces a free bash from the shield).

Sounds like a fun build! Yeah, reviews for Black Geyser are not good…

Reached 400 hours in the game according to Steam.

Second DLC is out today. It’s $12.99, but the Season Pass is on sale for $21.74.

Through the Ashes is an entirely distinct experience from the main campaign and the previous DLC, where you played as a hero imbued with incredible powers. This time, you will take on the role of a regular person, a citizen of Kenabres, who managed to survive Deskari’s attack on the city. With extremely limited access to resources, no decent weapons, and no safe place to rest, you must focus on survival, think strategically, use the environment against the strongest of enemies, and try to lead your small group to safety while danger awaits around every corner. You will meet two new companions and a number of helpful NPCs who won’t join the fights but may be helpful with other tasks if you learn their strengths and weaknesses. Hide, scout, and use everything you can find to lead your new friends through the ashes of Kenabres.

To start playing this DLC, you need to have either the Season Pass or Through the Ashes DLC separately in your library along with the main game. You can access the new campaign from the main menu when you start a new game. After you complete the DLC, you will be able to import the results into the main campaign.

But that’s not all—we want to share some of our future plans with you as well! As we write this, part of our team is already working on the next DLC, and we expect to release it in July . We’ve also decided that we don’t want the 3rd DLC to be our last! Your adventures will continue with Season Pass 2, which will be available in Fall 2022. Season Pass 2 will consist of three new DLCs, bringing even more new content to the game. We will share more details later this year.

Woohoo! Today’s patch fixed the Loremaster class so that the Cleric Spell, Druid Spell and Wizard Spell secrets are available. That’s not even listed in the patch notes.

Finally I can have Ember learn Haste. Untold power awaits!

Nice sale! I am going to buy the season pass tonight. Nearing the end of chapter 4 of the main game right now with an aasimar sylvan sorcerer. Having a great time.

I’m enjoying Through the Ashes so far, the “low fantasy” style is refreshing after Inevitable Excess (which I still need to finish).

I got to the point where I could roll up three people to join my party, and me the genius with over 1000 hours rolled up a sorc without CHA. HAH. Figure I’ll wait for Toybox to get fixed before I continue.

Loving the low-level campaign concept and I hope they do more like it. I’ve never cared for high-level play in practically every game I’ve ever played. There’s just not enough change as you advance, whether in equipment or style of play, to make high-level that interesting.

But, it’ll likely be a while before I get into it. I’m slowly making my way through my third game (Angel path this time) and I’m in no rush.

One day I will actually finish this thing. I’ve tried many times to land on an approach that is both fun early on and fun later on, and I always seem to miss the mark. One of the problems I have (not a problem with the game really) is that I don’t feel I am “doing it right” unless I follow a guide, but following a guide makes me feel like I’m playing someone else’s character, like when you played D&D at a convention with pre-gen character sheets.

I think I just need to forget about min-max and just do whatever.

I was initially overwhelmed by the amount of variety in character creation choices and consulted online guides as well. After a couple of false starts, I figured I would just base whatever class I chose on the fact that my character was leader of a larger movement and go from there. As leader, I figured I wouldn’t necessarily need to be the biggest damage dealer in the party but I would definitely need to be the best persuader and diplomat. And if I wasn’t going to be the best fighter, maybe I should add a permanent pet to boost party damage. So in the end, I went with a Sylvan sorcerer with a high charisma score with a focus on summoning.

This actually works for me because many of the companions are so engaging and easy to care about. There is something kind of validating coming home after a hard day, booting the game up and hearing Ember say “I like you, you’re a good person.”

Heh, nice take on things. Makes me want to give it another go.

My thoughts exactly. I’ve restarted this thing like 3 times and have yet to get a good running start and get hooked. I definitely see the advantage of going the Charisma char route though.