Pathfinder - Wrath of the Righteous; A Kingmaker follow-up that supports turn-based gameplay now!

You gotta click the button on your ability roll-up bar thingy to power up the ability and accept additional burn. Here is a similar power for Water kineticists -

Kineticists are the hardest class in the game by a significant margin. I’ve got somewhere around 500 hours playing them including Kingmaker and I’m still learning new things about them.

What kind of monk do you think is a good one? I found lots of stuff about unarmed being crap and one thing about QS Monks that said it was good. But I do not really know.

I guess when I get to it, Ill do lawful neutral, but that will be difficult for me, to be suck a jerk like that.

Ok, I think I get it. Its not very clearly explained. So if my DR is naturally 5, I click it once and I get 1 burn and DR of 6. Then another click I get burn 2 and DR of 7, etc…

Scaled Fist is probably the best, but Monk and Traditional Monk are fine, too. Sensei might be good, but I’ve never tried one. Sohei are awesome, but that’s about riding a mount and whacking stuff with a polearm or bow and not roundhouse kicks to the face.

After level 15 or so you’ll have all the good class features so a lot of people switch to a different class, like Fighter Mutation Warrior. The increased unarmed damage dice aren’t a big deal.

Anyone wanting an OP build at this point, my fav has been my Crusader cleric who went Angel. Blasting level 8 and 9 spells, plus Angel spells, in the middle of the game is about as OP as it gets. Same goes for a spellcaster that goes Lich, you just have to merge spellbooks and avoid spontaneous casters if you’re really wanting to min/max as much as possible.

Another patch with a load of ‘fixes’. Here are the notes, in case anyone wishes to see if their particular annoyance is corrected.

And the DLC survey closed. I wonder if the results of the survey aligned with what they gave us in Season 2 at all.

I still find it weird that they’re like “here are the DLC’s you’re going to get, also fill out this survey for what you wanted us to do now that we’ve already done it and it doesn’t matter”.

All surveys give me the impression they’re about the veneer of feedback and not the listening part.

They didn’t fix anything I care about such as:
Mirror Images disappear after going through a loading screen and you can’t tell how many images a character has left.

Or now that I am playing with a kineticist, how the lesser kinetic rod causes basic level kinetic blasts to become “unavailable” after you rest in any area. I am thinking of un-equipping the rod, but that is like 2d6 of damage lost.

Greater Carnivorous Crystal is now my least favourite monster.

Their Subsonic Hum attack causes each character to have to pass a DC 40 Fortitude save every turn or be stunned. This is of course an AoE attack with huge range. If they pass once, they are immune to the attack. But this is per monster so if you are fighting two each character have to pass DC 40 twice.

And the crytals have a petrifying attack, damage reduction 15/- and tons of health.

Such bullshit.

That’s one of those times that difficulty adjustments on the fly are so helpful. Frustrated? Don’t sweat it, downgrade the difficulty and blow by. I avoid combat frustrations all the time because it’s just not worth spending my leisure time getting annoyed.

On another note, this game keeps surprising me with the things I find. Today, for the first time in nearly 500 hours of game time, I recruited Trevor into my party. What? I didn’t even know that was possible. Very cool.

Seriously? That surprises me, I’ve recruited him multiple times.

Yeah, I think it was the order I usually choose the options during the interaction with him. This time I know I did something I usually don’t do. This is only my fourth game, so it’s not that far-fetched that I missed it on other attempts.

They have very low DEX so a Polar Ray or Polar Vortex will one-shot them. But I usually just melee them down and reload if someone gets turned to stone. Haste helps.

Remember that Owlcat plays on Casual diff.

Yeah, you need to respond to Soso a certain way in all of his quest dialogs to get him to accept Trevor. “Your brother may no longer be the person he was,” etc.

Now the real challenge is, do you have room for him and Soso in your party? There’s some cool camping dialog! I mean, not that cool, but it’s new and different. Some interactions between Trevor and Seelah.

It wasn’t too hard to kill them once I was lucky enough for my ranged DPS to clear the 2x40 DC fort save. Became a bit easier once I remembered to use Bestow Grace on Ember. Still wasn’t very enjoyable. This was on Core difficulty, btw.

Feels like playing the Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC during the campaign has upset the game balance quite a bit.

My party hit level 20 very soon after act 5 started and it has been very plain sailing since then.
I’m guessing I would have started act 5 at level 16 or so if I had skipped that DLC.

While I originally loved the idea of a big DLC that integrates with the main campaign, this has made me reconsider.

Yeah, after my earlier comments and the replies, I decided not to do the Act IV & V Midnight Isles sections. The Act III portion wasn’t worth the time and definitely was unbalancing for the main campaign. As a stand-alone, it might be worth pursuing, but I have no interest in it now, continuing my main campaign without it.

I was trying it and then hit a bug that made it unable to be completed, but my initial impression was:

“Holy shit why is this so long?” (x10, seriously why is it so fucking long)
“Why am I the richest I’ve ever been and I’m level 11?”
“How many +5 weapons should I buy?”

And then I started RDR2 again since I never finished it.

Which makes all of the 3 initial DLCs technically misses for me.
I never got to Inevitable Whatever on a playthrough.
I loathed the low level side thing.
Midnight Isles is too long and throws the main campaign off so badly that I kind of hate it.

The next batch looks… also bad?
A sequel to the low-level thing I hated and never finished.
A new companion and class. Actually I like this. This is what I wanted.
And… a side thing where you hang out or something? Weird and I feel like I already don’t like it.

Owlcat really missing me completely with the DLCs, which is odd because for Kingmaker I liked all of them.
Varnhold’s Lot was meh, but kind of enjoyable a couple of times.
The other two were great. New class and companion and a dungeon I could fart off to at some point in each act and get some neat stuff.

I broke my addiction with this game for about a month after beating it with my Crusader/Angel build, but created a Geralt of Rivia the other night, a kitsune with 20 Dex who’ll take master shapeshifter at mythic rank 1 so he’ll have 30 Dex by level 8 (assuming I find a +4 belt by then) who’s going Legendary, 20 levels of grenadier and 20 underground chemist (thus the high Dex rather than Str). So I’ll play Midnight Isles in Act 5 to ensure sufficient xp to hit level 40.

Sounds cool! You don’t need to do MI to get 40, though. You can skip Enigma and Seilkind’s Fallout adventure as well.

If you skip MI in Acts 3 and 4, when you there in Act 5 you will still have to start at the very beginning islands. Which you can plow through, but they will still be the low level Act 3 enemies.