Patreon and Q23 switching away from vBulletin


I like the Eye. Although I think for my avatar it looks like Rebecca Ferguson is sitting on the logo.


I’m a beret guy myself, and actually the cute cuddly tapir is on top of that poll right now!

If you guys don’t want to be singled-out as patrons, can’t you just change your registered email address? If you use gmail and your address on the forum and Patreon is "", you can change your forum address to "".

In my opinion, the best of all possible worlds would be

  1. Separate user preferences to show or hide the icon branding and title branding
  2. 1999-era Katie Holmes waiting for me at home tonight


Probably could, but then I look like the jerk who’s to cheap to throw Tom a few bucks each month.


TWIST: T Cruise is there, too, jumpin’ on yer sofa.

I mean right now you mostly just look like a Zoidberg who’s about to hungrily gobble up Tom. The horror!


I can see Razgon’s point. Discourse has been fine but I often miss the ability to turn off avatars that vBulletin presented. I know I can do it now with CSS modification or 3rd party scripts but it is not quite the same.

On vBulletin the site was so clean since signatures were not allowed and I could natively turn off Avatars. That let me focus on what members were actually saying rather than whom was saying it. I focused more on the content of each comment. The overall site was mostly text at that point and was discrete and elegant. The best part of QT3–intelligent minds conversing about games–shined through quite well.

Please don’t take this as a criticism of Discourse, mostly just a humble opinion; also I am a nobody here. :-)


More customization is always better, as long as you don’t overwhelm the user with options. It would be great to get the option to turn off flair, avatars, and titles.

Now, regarding the Qeyeball flair. Where should it be located?

  • Current location, overlapping the avatar in the bottom right
  • Offset a couple pixels below the avatar’s bottom right. Not overlapping.
  • I didn’t watch Dawson’s Creek and thus have no opinion.

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Another bug for you @wumpus, the rightside WYSIWYG rendered the italics inside the poll correctly, but they don’t work once posted. And since it’s a poll I can’t fix it.


The eye is good.


I think it should be after the name, before the Patron! text title and not obscuring the avatar at all. Doesn’t sound like that’s currently possible though.


Love that idea! But yeah, don’t believe it’s possible.


I voted I have no opinion, but for the record I did actually watch Dawson’s Creek. And I always thought Pacey was the better choice, dammit.


I think we both know that if you were actually a Creek aficionado, you would have taken a stand and made a choice.



Now I have I Don’t Want to Wait stuck in my head.

“Will it be yes or will it be Qt3”


I have no idea what Dawson’s Creek has to do with Patreon avatar badges and you’re all a little scarier to me now than you were before.


I guess I don’t feel like we need to point out who is a Patreon supporter and who isn’t. To me it’s a great bonus to be included in those game giveway drawings for being a supporter - even though I never won - grrrr! :-).

Some small customization perk isn’t bad, like being able to customize out titles because that is a little less in your face like the icon. None of it really bothers me though. I’m just happy the site exists as it’s the primary game site I visit and I only visit one other with any frequency.



Thanks for the 8 bits alpha dropshadown in the eye. I am stupid elistis about graphics and was pleasant surprised when I saw it. The dude that did it can know that I know he know. Good job!


hm, I changed my email at patreon to match with my QT3 email… but no eyeball?


How long ago? Apparently take a while to sync up.


ah, OK… will see