Pats vs. Indy

Well someone said this needed its own thread so…
I’m of course going NE, and this is why:
Revenge factor-last years playoff game.
revenge factor-the national hate.The Pats are giving the double middle finger to the whole league.
Irony-remember that rule change after '04 about whacking/pressuring the recivers? Funny how the Pats have now built an offense to exploit that same rule. Who wanted that rule? oh yea…Indy. Next rule:Moss and Brady on the same team is illegal.It would be in most household Madden seasons right?
Stats-head to head in almost every catagory the Pats beat indy this year.
And hey, I still think Brady is better than Manning. We always wondered what would happen in Brady had a passing game-well, it is pretty scarry. He is equal to his best season total in TD’s in week 8. His QB rating is 135. Two recivers are in the top 5.
Bill will never admit it, but this team was built to beat Indy in every way possible. revamped defense, and an offense that if that failed, can rack up the points like Manning and Co. during thier best run-which is not this year.
The Pats D is good. As good as it has always been. no one is noticing, like the 49’ers teams in the 80’s who also had great D, becasue the offense is so damn good.
I think the dings and bruises on the Indy side is going to be a factor also.

I saw the title and immediately thought of


Laser. Rocket. Arm.

Really what else do you need? people are disrespecting the champions, they have won what, 12 straight? AND they ARE the champions. Indy wins this one, goes for the repeat…

(but loses to the Bears in the superbowl)

You do know that the Bears are pretty much statistically out of the playoffs at this point right?

All I can say is fuck the Patriots. I hope the Colts crush them and knock out a few key players in the process.

I think the Colts can win this one, and that’s more than can be said for most teams when they are playing the Pats…but I’m unsure if they will. And I say that as a longtime Colts fan.

The Colts offense will be fine. They will score enough to give their defense a chance…IF the defense can hold to 21 or so points. If not, the game is going to get away from Indy.


What I love is that even after the game, this won’t be over. The Pats and the Colts have elevated the game of tackle football to another level.

I don’t think any QB is in Manning’s class right now, as good as Brady is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a QB as good as Manning. That said, I think the Pats are a bit better.

Karma is a bitch like that.

The Colts are the past team in the past 12 years, with the exception of the Patriots. The Colts have faced a more difficult schedule, and are playing at home.

These two teams are absolutely amazing. I’m going to say the Colts pull out the win here, but I’m not going to be sad if the Pats do it.

Yeah, I heard the Redskins were the toughest defense they had faced thus far as well.

We saw how well that turned out.

What’s karma got to do with it. This is pure sport, at it’s best.

Of course karmicly from a Pats fan point of view, what we are seeing is the karmic answer to the whole Bill is an ass (I’ve met the guy he’s not) and the Pats are cheaters thing.
That is of course if Karma has anything to do with sports-which it doesn’t.

Being a fan of neither team, I see the Patriots winning this game. Both teams are well rounded on offense. I give the edge at QB to Manning, he’s the consumate field general and has more football strategy knowledge than Brady ever will. That said, Brady has the edge in receivers. As strange as that sounds considering Manning has Harrison, Wayne and Clark to throw to, Brady has at least 5 guys that can and will be targets on nearly every passing down.

It’s going to come down to defense. Indy has improved dramatically, but their corners are still exploitable and they have some vunerability underneath as well. With so many targets, Brady will spread the defense, preventing double coverage. New England’s defense is more solid than Indy’s, but they will be tested this game. The Patriot’s defense hasn’t had to spend a lot of time on the field in the past few games, so they could suffer for it if the Colts make some long drives early on. However, the edge on pass defense, rush defense and total spread offense makes New England my pick to win by a slim margin of 6 points.

Final score : 30-24 Patriots

When you run the score up on people you will eventually get what is coming to you. It is just a matter of time. None of the teams I follow do that kind of crap.

Oh, and Bill fucking cheated. Just because he has turned it into some kind of bizarre us against the world (even though we are dirty fucking cheaters) motivation doesn’t make it right.

Oh right, the NFL as Little League argument. Well first you have to follow a team that is able to “run up the score.”

I think the Pats defense has showed some signs of fatigue late in games. This one will likely be decided in the 4th.


Can’t a man dream? a dream that sometime soon the Cubs will win a worldseries, and the Bears will win a superbowl? why would you take that away from me? WHY Forsaken? WHY?

As classy as the Pats are!

There’s a huge difference between running up the score and intentionally hurting players or hoping players get hurt.

This is true. Maybe it’s my irrational hatred of Boston teams and their fans that has me not caring.