Paul Verhoevan’s Satan’s Alley: Benedatta

Did anyone catch this festive flick?

Heh, good one. Verhoevan and “festive” are not exactly a match made in heaven (never mind the, um, holiday cheer of the title of this one).

No, but I’ve seen this twice and it’s excellent.

I’m guessing its a way better story about religion than Verhoeven’s latest horny nun nonsense.


You say that like it is a bad thing!

For anyone that doesn’t know what Satan’s Alley is:

satan’s alley - YouTube

The Beijing Crying Monkey award isn’t even funny anymore with China’s CCP cracking down and exerting it’s influence around the world these days oppressing gays and muslims.

I fully intend to watch Benedatta; I’m wondering how it compares to that Aubrey Plaza film about horny nuns.

record scratch


And with Kate Micucci, too?!