PC restarts after shutdown/sleep/anything (a hardware mystery)


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I also had another thought about this hardware issue - if your network card is set (under device manager–>settings–>power management) to Wake On LAN, and maybe you have a network device on your network that’s trying to wake it up for some purpose, like to deploy updates or something?


Unlikely—I’ve had the problem with the case power button disconnected from the motherboard. (Handily, my motherboard has its own power/reset buttons.)


That’s pretty conclusively not an issue with your case then, I believe. Check out my above thought on the NIC though.


Seems not to be that. Nothing besides the keyboard has wake permissions, and wake on LAN is also turned off at the BIOS level.


You might want to try water cooling your PC with holy water.


The fun thing there is that I developed a reputation as some sort of technology saint back in college. I would walk into a room, and things which had been broken would work again. I think computers which live with me develop immunity to the effect.


Fishbreath, do you have a spare hard drive?
I think it’s really worth testing with a clean install of Windows (minus drivers, disconnect LAN cables/don’t enable wi-fi) and see if you still get the problem. That would authoritatively rule out software :)


Natural selection.

You probably already thought of this, but sometimes the board is grounded weird or there’s a tiny screw stuck somewhere making contact. I know it’s a PITA to take the thing apart. But if it’s still happening, at least you know it’s the motherboard somewhere.


Yup, that’s next on my list. That said, since it seems to work fine besides this, and I do have a way to turn it off, I’m not quite as intent on getting it fixed immediately. Especially because Evolve is free now.


The plot thickens: I’m sitting here on my couch, across from my computer desk, and I notice that the power light on my USB microphone is on, although the PC is off (I held in the power switch after it auto-restarted to keep it that way). This never used to happen, and it makes me wonder if it’s something related to USB after all.


Some mobos continue to power the 5v USB bus even when turned off. AFAIK the only way to shut this down is via the power supply switch itself.


In ongoing “my motherboard is probably dying” news, its wired networking stuff has stopped working. I thought it might have been a Windows update, but system restore actually worked for once, and lo, my networking is still broken.

I may be in the market for some new innards sooner than I expected, at this rate.


Any luck? Running into the same exact issue right now. I’ve ruled out every standard fix, but what interested me about your post is that you had a USB that stayed powered beyond shut down. My mouse just started doing that, and now I can’t shut down. Hope you’re all fixed up!


Afraid not—still no answers. I’ve gotten into the habit of shutting the PC down at night and doing the hard-power-off with the power switch when it comes back on.


My PC has the same problem. I chalk it up to this ASRock motherboard. Next upgrade, I’m going back to ASUS.


I had the same issue with an ASRock board. It was something with the auto overclock option and the memory. If I leave everything as default, sleep would work again.


Hey, I have an ASRock board too. That’s probably worth a look.


My Windows 10 PC (~4 year old laptop) started bluescreening after wake up on Jan 2, 2017. It had been off since Christmas. No other changes since I was away.

After a few reboots, it did a system restore and I haven’t seen a BSOD since. I didn’t notice any windows updates in the time period (I checked history) but maybe some other software we all use commonly updated itself in that time.


Same problem here… Every case has its variables but in my case i am pretty sure it is the mobo (MSI 890FXAGD65). I am not complaining about the board, cause it is pretty old and I did a lot of overclocking…

First signs of problems:

  1. My computer randomly shutdown the monitor and peripherals but the computer ramain on. I have to restart to use it because it is froozen.
  2. Then the NIC stops working

Now the power button doesnt work. The computer only turn on by the PSU ON/OFF switch. I have turn off my computer from windows, than i turn off the psu switch. If I dont do that the computer restart by itself. Its never turn off completely.


Hello guys, I have the same problem here for months. Initially my PC was working fine after the windows 10 update, then this problem started, PC restarts after shut down. I have tried all the possible solutions, turn off wake on LAN, turn off mouse and keyboard from waking up the computer, tried without my graphics card, without my network card, unplugged everything and performed shut down, tried the registry tweak, yet still i’m having this auto restart problem. All I have to do everytime is I need to wait for the PC to shut down (the sound and case fan light goes off) and immediately i have to switch off the main plug to avoid the restart.

System that i’m using:
CPU : AMD A10-7850k
RAM : 8GB (4+4) Corsair RAM
MOBO : GIGABYTE G1.Sniper A88x
HDD : 500GB
PSU : Corsair VS 450
GPU : AMD Radeon R7 250 2GB GDDR5