PC Upgrade - Looking for advice


The 4000MHz RAM showed up today. (Z390 motherboard arrives tomorrow.)

Due to my impulsiveness, I had no idea it would come with light bars and airflow LED fans.


I think the MB will have an available 3-pin LED header, a spare internal USB header, and a spare SATA connector for it, but we’ll see.

I really should have restrained myself or at least done a bit more research, but at this point I’m still optimistic that it’ll work out. Building computers is so crazy these days.

Edit: Uh oh, the Z390 EXTREME4 isn’t listed on the RAM’s MB compatibility chart. I’m such an idiot. Hmm.


I have a hard time believing that ram won’t work. In fact, going to Corsair’s web page I don’t even see this motherboard listed in the motherboard compatibility system, so I think something isn’t updated properly.


PCPart Picker, when I put in ASRock Z390 Extreme 4, shows this ram on the list of compatible sticks.

I think you’re good.


Cool! Figured I might be OK. Right number of pins, MHz seemed fine. Only thing that jumped out at me (other than the headers and SATA connection) was that it’s SDRAM and not DRAM (the MB lists DRAM).

I’ve upgraded my ancient XPS 8100 quite a bit over the last 8 years (replaced everything but the MB, CPU & case), but I haven’t built a new PC from scratch in a long time.


I am thinking of building a new PC next year. I was wondering, are there any advantages / disadvantages between ordering from Amazon vs NewEgg? I am leaning toward Amazon, but the last time I built a PC, which was like in 2010, NewEgg was the place to be.

I am also planning on using the new Intel I8-9600k (if I have that number right). I was thinking that in a few months all the issues of what mother boards work well with it and possible bios upgrades should be worked out.


The prices tend to match, in my experience, but I prefer Amazon because (1) Prime gives me better shipping options and (2) they are super awesome about returns and rarely penalize me for returning an item. E.g., free shipping on the return package, no restocking fees, refunds are applied to the account almost right away. Newegg has charged me a fairly hefty (IMO) restocking fee every time. Oh and plus, Amazon CS is more reasonable when you complain about an issue, provided you’re assertive. I almost always get compensated when something goes wrong with an order.


New ASRock Z390 Extreme4 arrived this afternoon, got everything squared away and just have to await the CPU. Only took half an hour or so.

The headers were much trickier than they were on the Gigabyte Z370M I initially went with on this build. They’re located at the extreme edge of one side of the motherboard that has about half a millimeter clearance next to the PSU chamber of the case, and they were super hard to see and interact with. Especially for these middle-aged eyes. I almost wished for a way to connect the headers before attaching the MB to the case, but this wasn’t an option. But I think everything is hooked up correctly. I’ll probably defer testing until the CPU arrives, which may not be before the end of November, the way things are looking, damn it. I suppose I could test the power and reset switches, but I didn’t bother.

The RAM installed fine as well, but the legs for the fan felt very loose when attached to the memory socket, and I don’t think I was doing it right. I was also somewhat baffled by the various connectors and stuff. Corsair provides very minimal documentation, where every step is literally one short sentence, and the diagrams don’t add much. I’ll put aside all that crap and come back to it after watching some youtube tutorials, or something. Might not even bother installing the fan, doubt it’s strictly necessary as I won’t have a particularly hot case (not overclocking, good basic cooling/ventilation).

So, 9900K? Or Ryzen 2700X?

I never thought about this option! I don’t know if it’s a terrible idea or a great idea.

I already have the video card sitting on my counter.


Well, that’s a promising start!

No official ETA on inventory updates yet, sounds like?


I have a question you may not want to hear. What if the cpu doesn’t arrive until after your 30-day return window has elapsed on the rest of your hardware? I’ve had many unstable (and DOA) memory chips and motherboards over the years. I don’t trust any manufacturer’s anymore.


Good question. I hadn’t counted on the CPU being this late. I suppose I could purchase a cheaper one before the window closes, for testing, and then return that CPU when the 9700K ships? I don’t like that idea much, but it would probably work. I could also just return the MB at the last minute and buy it again. Don’t like that idea much either.

I’ll think about it some more and put the question to Amazon, since I’m buying everything from them. They really shouldn’t open customers and themselves up to problems like this. I mean, hell, that CPU can still be purchased right now, and they still have nothing in stock! I realize their customer support reps are somewhat unreliable with the facts, but if someone actually agrees to something I might be able to hold them to it somehow. Hmm.


I shop on Newegg because their filters and sorting are still second-to-none.

I almost always buy from Amazon once I have a precise model number chosen, though. Often slightly cheaper, free shipping like someone noted, generous returns policy, etc.


Newegg doesn’t charge tax unless you live in NJ or California, so that’s a pretty big deal. Also you can get free 2-day shipping from Shoprunner if you sign up and link to a paypal account.


Found another one that supports both bluetooth and wifi, with gigabit wifi. Intel Wireless-AC 9560, M.2 2230, 2X2 Ac+Bt, Gigabit.

It requires CNVi, which the ASRock Z390 has.


Handy, I’ll update my wishlist. Thanks!


Hey @Scott_Lufkin, Newegg has an ASRock Z390 & Intel i7-9700K bundle in stock. I’m going to pass on it and take my chances with Amazon, but thought you might be interested.

Edit: For some reason there’s only an “Add to Cart” button available on the Search page.



When I check that it says it doesn’t exist.


“Sorry, the combo deal is no longer available.”

Probably best if I don’t post deals like that since they’re in high demand right now.


Best Buy listed the 9700K today and allowed me to place an order, but then once the order was placed there was a “will ship when it becomes available” statement. Sure enough, when I called I was told that the item isn’t currently in stock, so I cancelled and am sticking with my Amazon preorder.

Edit: Just shipped, arriving tomorrow. Yay!


OMG Yea! I was going same route as you and it shipped. Gotta order MB now. I just might get this done before my current system is totally dead! I have to boot my computer 2-3x to get all my hard drives to show up. One of my drives only shows up once every 10 days or so, and I only have one functional USB port left (hubbed so I can use more than one device).

Asus - you suck. I’ve had two mobo’s in past 7 years, both Asus, and both crapped out this same way.


How did you decide on that motherboard? As mentioned above I’ve been stuck in Asus-land and am unsure of who’s good. I was thinking Gigabyte, but your Asrock could be good too. Also what is this Taichi thing? Is that just a name-brand, or a specialized chipset?