PC version XBox 360 Controller?

I’ve been using the PC version of the Xbox 360 controller as the gamepad for my PC, and it has worked quite nicely. Now that I have an actual 360, I was hoping to use it as a second controller, but I haven’t been able to get the 360 to recognize it.

I’ve made sure that the PC is off (as the first time, it sync’d with the PC rather than the console), and hit the “search for controllers” button on the front of the 360, without improvement. The 360 can recognize the controller it shipped with without difficulty.

Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?

Did you hit the button on the front of the controller as well?

Did you hit the synch (“search for Xboxes”) button on the controller as well?

Did you also press the synch button on the controller after pressing the one on the 360?

edit: How in the world did it take me 4 minutes to type this?

If you mean the “X” logo button, then yes, I hit that as well, and this got the green lights around the button to cycle, but they didn’t stop and sync.

Which is odd, since this controller syncs with the PC without difficulty.

Nope. Smaller white button on the top edge of the controller.

Allright, that was awesome. That is not the button I hit. I’ll try it tonight when I get home.