PD Pooh Horror: Blood and Honey

Apparently, Winnie the Pooh is now public domain, which feels like something I heard before, but likely had flushed right back out of my head by whatever terrible news of the day was happening at the time.

And so someone decided to put a slasher flick twist on it, and the Pooh character is uh

Piglet’s lookin on point though, and I’m just going to assume that’s “Robin Christopher” in the jacuzzi.

No sign of Eeyore in a hockey mask, sadly. Lots of fog though, and tbh, if you’re going to use tricks to cover your cheap production, fog in a horror flick ain’t a bad way to go.

I feel like the proper way to have gone was to have done something inspired by the Winnie the Pooh Homerun Derby flash game and all the fan art that came out of it of Christopher Robin as Satan.

The important question: is he still going shirt, no pants?

I guess somebody out there somewhere might be going, ‘Yes! Finally!’ but … I kinda doubt it.

I love this. It would be great if the film is way better than it has any right to be and it spawns a new horror subgenre. But I’ll be happy with whatever weirdo direct-to-streaming thing I get.

Actually, yeah, I’m here for it.

That would be Winnie the Pooh, Sex and Honey.

Isn’t there already a movie where someone wears one of the Piglet masks?

Obligatory “Danny Lavory did it better back in 2015” post:

Warning: that story is really disturbing.

Narrator - no one had messaged him.

“Pooh Horror: Blood and Honey” sounds very, uh, scatological.

I doubt the execution will be nearly as great as the concept,but hope springs eternal…

“People have been messaging saying they really want to see Bambi versus Pooh.”
Which begs the question …where do you go after you’ve faced Godzilla?

Well, if I’ve learned nothing else from the Leprechaun series, it’s that after you conquer space, you take on The Hood.