Personal Game Fan Sites

Remember the day when somebody would love a game so much, they’d build an entire site on it? I miss those days.

Yeah I had a Duke 3d site back in the day. That was when you could use geocities without tons of popups and almost every web site had a visible hit counter on the main page.

I still have mine. i just haven’t updated them in awhile. I’ve been working on a huge update to my Might & Magic page which I hope to have done before UBI shows it Might & Magic game. (actually i’m hoping it isn’t shown at E3, just to buy me more time. :) )

Ah, the heyday of the fanpage. One of my old favorites:

That was back in the day when someone could actually do decently well running fansites. It made for a solid part-time job for me back in the day… pulled in a few hundred bucks a month off puny little ad deals. Good times. Now, if a fansite gets too big, the bandwidth bills alone will crush the site.

Wasn’t Nintendojo a fan page? And when it comes to war/TBS/tactical games, there are still a lot of fan pages.

Here’s a site that I recently stopped working on. It was a custom map for Warcraft 3 that never really caught on. Site may be dead, but I think it was a great way to learn the ins and outs of website creation.

Heh. I used to run a Tribes 2 fan site and forums called “Tribe2Tribe”. As interest in the game died off, I eventually simply never bothered to renew the domain name and now it appears to have been purchased by a porn site, so people who try to go there due to old search engines often email me angrily accusing me of trying to fool them into surfing for porn for profit.

Yeah right. You’re just trying to fool me into surfing for porn for profit.