Personal humidors?

Does anyone here have any experience with humidors and can recommend a good, fairly inexpensive one for personal use? I love cigars, but living in Edmonton is a curse; it takes about ten minutes for a nice new cigar to dry out… so while I only smoke maybe a cigar a month, I’d like to be able to have a few on-hand.

Just water the sponge once every few days.

You can but cheap but nice ones online. I have that will hold I dunno, 30 or so, which would take me over a year (maybe two) to go through. The most I’ve ever had in there were 5.

Like bago said, just water the sponge in it. No matter how much I water mine, it always tops out at 60% humidity, which is a bit low I think (70% is ideal).

I have no idea how much it costs, because it was a gift, but I’d assume not over $50.

Coincidentally, I bought one for my partner this Christmas. I got it from (such an inspiring name, but it turns out they are nice too). I got this one:

he seems pleased with it, but then neither of us has a clue about humidors. He says the cigars are better than when he used to just keep them in a box though. The analog hygrometer on the front isnt much use, because we cant figure out how to adjust it, fortunately I bought the digital upgrade.

You know a ziplock bag with a piece of lettuce in it works wonders on cigars. Do you really need to store 25+ cigars in your house at once? If you smoke them often enough then sure a humidor is a good idea and I’d say don’t skimp. If you’re looking for a cheap way to keep the two or three you plan on smoking in the next few months from drying out or bringing them back afterwards (they do come back quite well in most cases) then something like I mentioned above is probably the way to go.

Or just switch to a brand where each cigar is sealed separately in plastic film. No more worries about humidity…

Shouldn’t there be a Monica Lewinsky joke in this thread by now?

plastic is simply the first step in not getting a bum cigar.

Is this true? I have a Cohiba my MIL brought me from her vacation to Cuba, but it’s several months old now, and quite dry. I couldn’t imagine smoking it in it’s current state, but if it could be saved simply by stuffing it in a bag with a piece of lettuce…

If your cigar came in an individual resealable metal tube there’s probably a thin wooden wrapper on the inside of the tube. You can wet that down thouroughly and then reseal it and the cigar in the tube and keep it in a cool place for a few days and it should be good again, though not as good as if it was fresh obviously. You should check on the wooden wrapper daily to make sure it’s still moist. If it just came loose then the lettuce method works. Wrap your cigar in it, pop it into a bag and keep it in a cool place, you should definitely keep an eye on the lettuce and change it frequently, outside the fridge it’s not going to last that long. In a few days the cigar should be good to go again.