Peter Scolari has passed.

One of the great underrated actors especially in quirky, comic roles.

It was always so cool to see him show up in something. Like “Oh, this is going to at least be good with the bits that have Peter Scolari in them!”

(As ever, fuck cancer.)

Fuck cancer, indeed. RIP

He was on that show Evil, that I’ve been kind of curious about but not bothered to watch.

There was always a bit of joy and brightness in those roles he inhabited. RIP.

I don’t care what they say any more this is my life…

This is so sad. I’ve loved his work for decades! What a talent.

For kids who grew up wearing glasses and wise-cracking their way through pre-adolescence, Scolari was kind of “our guy”.

Bosom Buddies apparently cannot be streamed online anywhere at any price. Bummer.

Loved Bosom Buddies so much because of the comedic rapport of Hanks and Scolari. …and probably also because of Donna Dixon.

Scolari was a funny man whose subsequent appearances were always a pleasant surprise.

He was also a fireplug. I remember him on TV talk shows grabbing the arms of the guest easy chair and from a sitting position doing a full handstand balancing on the arms.

Oh man I loved that guy and was always happy to see him. Only 66. Fuck.

Timestamped Circus of the Stars

He also did the highwire routine in another year

That sucks. Loved him in Newhart. Was happy to see him again in Girls. RIP.

Bosom Buddies was an all time favorite of mine.