Phantom Kingdom (Kitsune?)

I got the impression this is already out in Japan. Anyone playing? I’d love to read an in-depth preview about this game (mainly about the new battle mechanics compared to Disagea/Phantom Brave).

There’s a great preview up on the Gaming Age forums by someone who has the game. This will definitely be my next non-handheld game purchase.

EDIT: Here ya go.

Hell yes. I can’t wait for this one. Shit, I may have to buy a PSP

No, this is the new PS2 game. Makai Wars is the PSP title, and I don’t think there’s any concrete info on it yet.

Man, I’ve love to see it (and while they’re at it, Disgaea) on the PSP. And it’s not like it’d be much of a leap, the Nippon Ichi games aren’t exactly technical marvels. In fact, they’d benefit from the small screen.

Well, Prinny be damned. IGN just put up a big preview based on the import:

This, Stella Deus and Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana are going to kill me in strategy RPGs

I still haven’t finished Phantom Brave or Ogre Battle 64

Yeah, I know, but if some good NI titles come out I’ll have to get one. I imagine I’ll have to get one anyway unfortunately, but this will sweeten the deal

Heh. Good timing. The game sounds like a must-buy.

Here’s a couple of links that give a slight bit more detail on what happened - unfortunately they’re links to two forums, but it sounds relatively legit about what happened.

Basically, Sony wouldn’t give NIS a PSP dev kit, so they simply made the game for the PS2 instead.

Stupid. And there goes one of my main reasons for wanting a PSP.

Atelier Iris is strategy? The battles look very Final Fantasy to me in the screenshots.

I really wish the whole Atelier line would be brought over here sometime before the rise of Cthulu…

It’ll end up better that way. Plus, I’ll be able to play it without shelling out for a system inferior to what I already have.

You are right, Alterier Iris is a regular Jrpg.

Still looks interesting.

I think the designer calls it an “ARPG” - “Alchemical Role-Playing Game.” I don’t think real alchemists made potions by mixing schoolgirls’ swimsuits with live Bubble Dragon liver, but it sounds pretty exciting to me too :)