Phone Repurposing Advice

I was hoping you could help me with some suggestions. I have an old Spring LG 2 phone that is no longer under contract (switch to AT&T a few months back) and I want to re purpose my old phone as a media and music device for my 2 year old. The only apps I’d like to keep are Google Music, Netflix, Hulu, and maybe Amazon Apps, but I don’t believe I need the rest. What should be my first step to baby proofing the phone, and is there a way to get rid of all the shitty sprint crap on it that I no longer need.

I’m basically trying to make it into a tablet for my daughter? Ideas or suggestions?

Root it and install a custom ROM. For some phones, at least, there are ROMs that remove the phone stuff. My wife’s old phone didn’t have that, so I disabled all the data (putting it in airplane mode) and then only enable Wifi when I want to download something. We use it as a portable gaming device and youtube player for my 9 year old, and it works great.

Check XDA-developers’ forums on the G2 for information on rooting and custom ROMs for your phone. I think the G2 was popular enough that you should have a variety of choices.