Photographers: Name Your Dream Assignment and maybe get $50,000 to make it happen

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Lenovo and Microsoft have teamed up to present an interesting contest to photographers. Sign up and describe up to three dream assignments. Visitors will vote on the assignments they find the most compelling. The Top 20 assignments at the end of the contest (April 3) will be reviewed by an “Expert Panel” that will choose one winner, who will receive $50,000, a Lenovo W700ds, and a camcorder to go out and make their dream assignment come true.

More information can be found here, as well as instructions on how to get started, what’s at stake, and so on. It’s a pretty cool opportunity and doesn’t really cost anything other than some time and creativity.

Hopefully this thread will become a repository of QT3’er entries, so that we can visit and vote for them. I’m not sure how many votes we get, so dole them out sparingly.

Here’s a link to my dream assignment

For heaven’s sake. Where is the Internet kill switch?

Miramon is obviously spruking for Internet Kill Switch®, which is a far inferior product to the NetShutdown® application which has been keeping Internet users safe since 2004.

I’m lost. Did I do something wrong?

Can someone using words tell me what I did wrong by trying to spread the word to other QT3 photographers about this pretty cool contest?

I’d say Adree pretty much summed it up.

Can you translate for me, anyway?

Okay, now I got it. Thanks, Bill, for clearing that up (in PMs, not in the House gif).

I can assure you that I’m not a Viral Marketer (Bill had to spell that one out for me. I thought VM meant Virtual Machine), but you’re well within your right not to believe me. I’ll take down the link.


I sympathize and for what it’s worth, I don’t think you’re a VM either. It’s not like the contest needs you to buy something to enter. If I were a photographer, I’d be interested. It sounds pretty cool.

Some of the ideas some people have posted are really inspiring. One guy wants to bring his wife back to The Killing Fields, where his wife was born. Two guys wanna travel the world, taking pictures of the most beautiful sights the planet has to offer. It’s nuts.

What’s cool is that it’s only partly based on votes. The top 20 most-voted ideas will be shortlisted and a select panel of judges will pick from there. That way people can’t just digg/reddit their ideas and win based solely on linkwhoring.

Anyway, people can still google the name of the contest (in the subject title) if they wanna read up on it. It’s pretty cool.

You should just put the link back in. Anyone who thinks you’re VMing this is either joking or has some kind of disorder where they are unable to think things through on a case-by-case basis and just see VMs anywhere there is a link.

This is kind of a cool project but you can pretty much guess 5 different themes that will come up over and over in slightly different wordings and the winners will actually be chosen by a combination of their writing skills and emotional sob stories.

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Weren’t we done with calling everyone a VM in 07?

I think it’s a cool thing to start a thread about, but the title does sound a bit suspect.

Yeah. I was afraid having the $50,000 in the title might make it sound spammy, but I didn’t wanna leave out any important details. I think I put too much faith in my limited post history proving that I wasn’t a bot.

In any case, now that I’ve passed the Voight-Kampff test, I’ll re-re-edit the OP and put the link back.