Pike, Spock and Number One will return to explore 'Strange New Worlds'

Since Lower Deck is Cannon, is it really Absurdist?

Is anything in Lower Decks, besides tone, really out of place if it where in TNG?

I mean, I personally wouldn’t expect the line “I see. So by the transitive property, I too am Vulcan as a motherfucker.” in TNG or any of the “live” Star Trek shows. Nor would I expect to see a Microsoft Office “Clippy” riff ascend to godhood, or a celestial koala bear squatting on a black mountain with the universe rest in its back… though admittedly, I haven’t seen ST: Nemesis.

Live-action Trek can be just as bananas as animated Trek. I guess if you wanna separate 'em, have at it. I never will. It’s all Trek.

C’mon, this is ridiculous, they’re in different universes.

I don’t know. There was that one episode in Deep Space between Quark and the Marquee Vulcan.

And of course, the Baseball game.

As for Clippy gone crazy, Voyager has the Episode Flesh and Blood, where the Holograms take over a ship.

Pretty much all on the same level.

The only meaningful difference between the animated shows and the live action is tone. There’s a lightness to the animated ones while the live action, even when they are absurd, take themselves very seriously (outside of the occasional filler episode). Otherwise, they are all Trek as Trek can be. Variety is the spice of life and all.

Or the time Tom Paris kidnapped Janeway and they both turned into weird salamander things that had babies.

Hell yeah.

From the opening of Strange New Worlds, Season 2, Episode 7:


I’ll have to take your word for it since I only watched a couple episodes of Gargoyles. I guess there are major differences, like Steinbrenner didn’t own the Yankee in Gargoyles?

For its part, Seinfeld was very faithful to Gargoyles lore: For instance, normal people in NYC were portrayed as having no inkling of the nocturnal battles being fought by Goliath and his allies, just as in the animated show.

Why is it smiling? What does it know!?

I agree with several others above that the only difference between the animated stuff and the live action stuff is a looseness of tone. The live action shows have introduced things far sillier than the koala could ever be, they just tried to take themselves seriously while they did it rather than embracing the silliness of the idea.

Do we have a general Star Trek thread? or just one for the individual shows?

Anyway, I’ll just put this here, since this is the best (current) show! :)

Somehow I missed that Starfleet Academy will be set in the 32nd century? Guess that’ll give them more leeway to create new stuff.

To be honest, I’m a bit dissappointed that with they haven’t gone with that 7of9 TV show set up at the end of Picard (Or really setting a show continuing the “known” timeline after Pic/LD). I understand why the original Discovery & SNW was a bit hemmed in with all the existing history with their prequel status, but just continuing with a fresh crew was never on the table I guess?

I bailed on Discovery at the beginning of season 4 (so I’m not sure if I’m doing it a disservice), but I didn’t get a great sense of the familiar Federation / Star Trek vibe from it, it just seemed to devolve into a generic scifi show.

Great idea, I just made one.

Discovery is a difficult show for me. I think its been on a general trend upward overall (because it started so badly) but your description is not wrong. Season 4 is similarly rocky. I watch it because its still Trek (mostly sorta) and I like several of the actors/characters alot.

Upstream I racked all the Trek series, and Discovery was DFL.

So should we post about Strange New Worlds here or in the new general Trek thread?

Mostly I’m just curious whether my understanding is right – that we won’t see season 3 of SNW until 2025? I don’t wanna wait that long! I love the show.

Season three hasn’t even wrapped filming yet. It’s looking like it will air sometime in 2025, but nothing’s announced.

I think if we’re talking about specific shows, the specific threads make sense. We just didn’t have a general thread for Trek.

Sorry, this post isn’t about any new info about upcoming seasons, just a random factoid that I found out on the internet that I figured might amuse some of you. Do you recall the Orion captain that was on the Lower Decks crossover episode, the one that really just wanted to make scientific discoveries rather than be a pirate? You know, this guy:

Apparently this is the same fellow who played the main antagonist Joseph Seed in Far Cry 6, his name is Greg Bryk.

Guy’s been around, apparently also had roles on The Handmaid’s Tale and The Expanse too.