Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire


Yes. In general it’s just giant blobs of nonsense smashing together and hoping I built well enough and have good enough scripts with very occasional pausing to cast a specific spell. I just hate it. Give me ToEE or XCom-2 or DoS2 or JA2 any day. I am still so sad that Pathfinder chose RTwP. Pathfinder would be so much fun turn-based. Could finally scratch so many theory-crafting powergaming itches that just would ruin my home game so I can’t ever play them there. ToEE is great and all, but even with temple+, that engine is really showing its age.


Agree. I have only played a little of Pathfinder, but all I was thinking during combats was “does the game AI really need me?”. Hard enough to tell what’s going on, and it seemed just as effective to just let the AI handle everything. I’m to the point that I have zero interest in these CRPGs if it’s not turn based combat.


I think we all have to just try and see, but let’s be straight – if Pillars happened to get the turn based thing right? I am actually sorta excited.

(I hope Alex Chapman doesn’t see that)

So let’s step back …. Pillars 2 will have a turn based game. You know that is so odd considering that series. If anyone’s looking for me tomorrow I will be in that game playing it turn based. God only knows what it will be like. But what if?


My most recent build is a Psyblade (tactician fighter + ascendent cipher). Very easy to keep Brilliant going with this build, and he uses a bow. Very fast firing rate with the gear and a Dex that’s always over 25, uses the bow that the Port Maje non-special vendor sells (turns dead enemies into allies when you crit on them). He’s like a A-10 cannon firing, and locks mobs down with deception skills once maxing out his focus (which he does quickly).


madame, I am not sure where they keep the internet likes, but surely you win all of them today.


KG, what did you do this time?

If this turn based change makes the gameplay even half as interesting as Divinity Original Sin 2 then I suddenly became very interested. I’m waiting for you guys to report back with some good news.


Patch 4.1 (featuring the beta for Turn-Based Mode) is live now, I had to exit and relaunch Steam but it’s downloading.


I just bought the game, and have had a couple of battles. The combat seems to work beautifully…I’m sure there will be some rough patches, but I am very pleased so far.


I tried it very briefly. In the prologue Eder attacked a pirate that was already dead and then I decided the veteran balance was too easy, at least compared to the launch day experience I had.

Then again I just realized I had some of the blessings active, the +2 may have swung things too much in favor. Either way I will wait a bit to hear how the balance is. I wanted to replay POE2 again even without turn based mode for all the new DLC and the retuned path of the damned.


I have been playing all afternoon. Great first patch into turn based. A few changes to smooth the process and this is going to be so wonderful.

I love the pace of the game now. Even in Slow-Mo it felt too rushed before. I now find myself checking the combat windows text more and generally clicking with the game. I no longer dread when another encounter begins. ( I would pay hard cash for this to be added to POE and Tyranny but I know thats never going to happen)

2 things to be aware of:

  • There is a Delay Turn button. Its easy to miss, but really important.
  • I have upped the difficulty a level since I now have time to plan out my moves so YMMV


I personally like it better than what is in Divinity…but I haven’t put much time in that one yet. If you’re waiting to hear that the turn based combat works well, I can tell you it works beautifully. I have about 4 or so hours in so far, it’s everything I want for turn based combat in a CRPG. Really, really wish Kingmaker had an identical system.


That is great news!


Mike this is good news indeed. I loaded the patch and then realized… Pathfinder and Bard’s tale both ALSO had patches today that were very significant. I sense a RPG conspiracy!

(And no – read above – I did NOT give myself a day off --I told myself to come in sick and I fake coughed all day).


Well Mr. RPG? What do you think? and btw did you notice all the rpg patches today?

Scott just so you know: I firmly believe you are kicking ass in Pillars 2 (TB) and will reward us all here with a video.


DOS2 isn’t a high bar to clear, but I’ve ranted about that enough elsewhere. I’m extremely glad to hear this is working out well, what a remarkable move by Obsidian. I wouldn’t have ever guessed they (or anyone, frankly) would do something like this, but now I find myself (as others have said) wishing for other RTWP games to do the same.


Turn-based retrofit Kickstarters ahoy!


Gotta admit, tried it and didn’t care for it much at all. I think I’m that guy who prefers RTwP.


(Vin I need to see your Dos2 rants)


I do as well. XCOM is XCOM - every fight is a tactical challenge that must be carefully played out. PoE2 is PoE2… a fight might be a tactical challenge but it’s just as likely to be against a bunch of kobolds. I’d rather just the CPU roll them and move on.


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t prefer TB overall but both systems have their merits. It took me 3 tries before Pillars combat finally clicked with me but when it did it was glorious. Same with BG2.

Question for those who have played both modes in PoE2 - how does interrupt work in TB mode? One of my favourite things in PoE1 was locking down enemy casters with fast swinging melee characters.