Pillars of Eternity

Well, there are lots of Endurance potions, and Endurance is essentially “combat health”.

Is there an optimal way of doing chants? I mean can I just throw all my known verses into a single chant and call it a day or is it more involved than that?

I always felt that different chants (order of the verses) worked for different battles, but ultimately I tended to stick with one that worked best for my party in all cases. Buff the party in early verses, summon and damage later verses. Might depend on the difficulty you play at, too.

The real strength of Chanters is their generally high stats across the board. You’d be shocked at how good of an off-tank Kana makes.

I got rid of Kana because I didn’t think he made a good third tank. But maybe I didn’t allocate stats correctly with him. I have done better with a new character developed directly for the job.

Why would a wizard benefit from Might and Intellect? Who would think of using Might on a Wizard?

Might determines how much damage a character does. Physical damage, magical damage, doesn’t matter.

Might as in “Mighty”.

Yea, I assumed that was what it did but it seems that in most games might=strength whereas intelligence=stronger magic.

I think the devs struggled with that trope a bit. At one point the sequel did put Int back as the stat that boosted wizard spell dmg, but ended up resorting it back.

The enemies really kick it up once you start on the road to Twin Elms. That first area had an ogre fight I stumbled into that just kicked my ass, and I had been doing the ass kicking for awhile.

The Quest regarding the guy trying to re-take my keep, that leads to a battle, is that something I want to mes with?

What! I also read Dragonlance in junior high and this version looks awesome! Thanks for mentioning this!

My understanding was that the idea was to make every attribute viable for every class. I like it in theory, but it does lead to scenarios where my presumably somewhat frail cypher can pass a might test by moving a boulder or something.

Okay, the reincarnation of Raederic V11 is a real bitch. So I assume until I can kill him I have to put up with a zombie invasion every few days?

Which seems weird to me. If every attribute matters equally to every class, there are no points in stats. If they don’t matter equally, what is being solved here?

Huh? You bias for build and playstyle, like any decently balanced system. Do you want your wizard to have more damage (Might) or more AOE (Intellect)? Do you want faster casting/action speed (Dexterity)?

Compare to, say, D&D where the first thing you do is set INT to the highest value you can because all of your attacks are solely that and the STR/DEX values might as well not exist except for the occasional saving throw.

(AoE. You want AoE. Might is for druids and rogues.)

That’s where the system shines. You can have two characters of the same class play totally differently. There are optimum builds to be sure, but if you don’t care about min/maxing you can have a lot of fun trying out different attribute allocations.

Oh, and don’t forget duration. INT for duration is more appealing for certain classes than the AOE bonus you also get.

Having played through the entire game, I genuinely don’t know if I want action speed or damage. I’ve still no idea how to do the calculations to make that decision.

At least with a wizard I do agree, you can at least choose CC or damage. I still have little idea how to do the calculations to work out which I do want, but at least it’s a choice I can commit to.

That is pretty much how I feel. It is hard to figure out where the best bang for your buck is.