Pimp some ho's foo's

[url removed by the Tom/Mark entity]

I’m just pimping me some ho’s you fools!

A few points:

  1. This is shit
  2. I believe foo is plural and singular, though would have to check with Mr T to be sure
  3. This is shit

Edit - Just checked out that site, they even give tips in the FAQ on how to set up redirects so it’s not obvious to your “friends” that they’re a shitty spam game POS. Once more, this is shit.

I’m the mack daddy of all pimps baby.


No, you’re a moron.


Anyone care to translate Bob’s latest verbal spew ?

I’d rather hang around,
Piccadilly Underground,
Living off the earnings of a high class lady

Someone really needs to make a pimp-themed RTS or Turn-based strategy.

Using the HOMM3 engine.

Ah, let me guess. He put up a link to try to gather hits on that lame “Outwar” game? The Tom/Mark entity ought to warn him about getting gently touched in the future…

What? Not the NWN engine :D .

Looky heah, all you gots to do is watch MTV and deres all the pimpin’ and ho’in you ever need.