Pirates of the Caribbean

Have to honestly say, when I first heard of this Disney ride being made into a “Major Motion Picture” I sighed and hoped some one would shoot me … twice.

After seening the sneak peek trailer on TV Sunday, I was blown away. This movie looks way cool and fun. Action, adventure, humor and a ghost story with Johnny Depp, Geoffery Rush, Orlando Bloom … It’s going to be a monster!

Yeah, but they took out the scene where the pirate is chasing the woman around a table


Your a funny guy, Tom

“How am I funny, like a clown?”


No, clowns are not funny (in fact I find them quite disturbing).

Your incisive wit and observations, on what most of us tend miss, is both enlightening and humorous.

I never would have thought about the pirate chasing the woman around the table. It might be in the movie, however.

I also found that joke incisive, witty, enlightening and humorous. Incidentally, I am writing your biography, Tom Chick: American Hero. I can’t decide which of my many Tom Chick paparazzi photographs to put on the cover. Maybe you could help me out? After all…I’m your number one fan. (Cue scary music.)

I was actually quoting Goodfellas. But I’m with you about clowns. I don’t find them funny or spiritually uplifting:


I’m your number one fan.

I’m sorry, Ryan, but that position has been filled by wumpus. You can have it when it pry it from his cold dead fingers, along with the micropayment billing statement from his ISP.


Have yet to see GoodFellas but it’s on my list of DVD’s to by, once I go back to work.

BTW, that same quote is used by Taurus in Interstate '76.

The “Gospel in Greasepaint” gives me the shivers. Two of the most frightening forces on the face of the planet, clowns and organized religion, being used together for vast, dark purpose.

I’m happy being Chick’s number two fan. No one fights for that position.