Plague Inc. EVOLVED

The TLDR version of a different strat, is to keep spending your points on mutations so that the science can never develop a cure. It is possible to go for a really lethal virus right off the bat, and just keep adding new things to it. There’s a trade off in the game for speed vs coverage vs detection. If you have something that’s going to get detected right away, it needs to be really hardcore etc.

The thing that usually catches me out on games where I try to go lethal early, is the lack of the virus spreading to …usually one place. I’ve lost a ton of games because I had 99% or so of the population wiped out, but one area just never got infected.

I usually start from one of those countries exactly because of this.

The infamous Greenland buttrot.

I hope the playerbase is not reduced to zero

Also in the news, ostrich sticks its head in the sand to avoid danger.

I mean, I understand why they are doing it. It’s a very sensitive subject right now, especially in China. Personally I think it’s heavy handed, especially since the game has been out for quite some time. But … China.

Though of a different kind of event, lets not forget what all September 11th did to games at the time:

On behalf of all players of Plague Inc. we’ve made a $250,000 donation split between the Coalition of Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and the World Health Organisation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Also a new update soon, where you try to save the world from a virus.

Be honest, Qt3, how many have been firing this up lately?

The game has really expanded from when I last checked it out. It has a mode for zombies, planet of the apes, and vampires. Each look interesting and are either much harder than the regular mode or I am especially dumb because I can’t beat them.

Then there’s a series of official scenarios. I played one that was actually about creating a new board game and releasing it to the world. The game tracks number of people interested in each country (akin to ‘infected’), and once you release the number of sales (akin to ‘dead’). It was pretty fun to do, at least once.

I enjoyed the vampire scenario a lot a few years back.

I played it a bunch a few years ago and felt it was too “tappy” - I never really felt a connect between what I was doing and the outcome of the came.

Or maybe I’m just a sore loser!

Did any of the updates tweak the gameplay notably? I dug the game, but–as also noted by others in this thread–felt that it played too same-ey across the various virus strands because of the necessity to optimize for Madagascar.

I played it a few times when it came out, but even years ago, I found contemplating the reality of what the game is evoking somewhat disturbing.

I don’t think I could enjoy it now at all.

I would suggest - and also for people put off by the subject matter - playing the quasi-sequel Rebel Inc instead. It’s sort of like a lovechild of Plague Inc and Vietnam 65, and has much more varied replays than Plague Inc.

I will definitely try it again once the new scenario is out where we try to save the world.

Good call. Haven’t checked that out yet.

Agreed Rebel Inc. is excellent and the kind of made-with-love followup every retired millionaire game creator should aspire to. I’ve beaten all the maps on the hardest difficulty (although I haven’t played the update that added mechanized troops) and enjoyed it. My only complaint is you don’t need complete knowledge of what the improvements do to win on the hardest difficulty if you have a strong understanding of the combat and control system.

I played and won the bacteria and virus campaigns and played them pretty similarly. It’s kind of a need concept and liked the experience, but it seems too repetitive to keep playing.

Spoken like a man without a bus commute!

Yeah, I can see it being something to do on a commute…if I had one :-)