Planet Coaster's newest ride isn't virtual reality, but it's close

You can check out a first-person rendition of the ride here, or you could just build the darn thing in Planet Coaster and “ride” it there.

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Cedar Point is such a magnificent park. They could have an entire expansion pack themed around all the Coaster goodness in that place. It’s the Mecca of all things Coaster. If there was a $30.00 expansion for planet coaster that was Cedar Point themed, I’d buy it. Thankfully it looks like I might not have to! They are just going to partner up and deliver it in updates =)

So, do you think Planet Coaster paid Cedar Point for this, or the other way around, or maybe just a mutual interest kind of thing? This seems to be a case of mutual benefit, but there is some IP attachment here…

I’m sure it’s mutually beneficial. Keep in mind that this coaster’s construction was only officially announced yesterday, so it’s obvious that Cedar Point looked at this as an opportunity to get more marketing for their park. And of course, it’s good for Frontier and Planet Coaster to have an officially licensed ride. I don’t know if money changed hands, but there was some cooperation for shared data like the blueprint of the ride and the design of the cars.

Frankly, I’m surprised this type of thing isn’t more common in theme park games. There are countless independent theme parks with well-loved rides that don’t get much visibility outside of hardcore coaster aficionado groups or the local area. I’d love to see more of this type of thing.

They recently released some DLC for Universal properties like Back to the Future and The Munsters, but it was for-purchase DLC and none of it replicated any of Universal’s real-world rides. What a shame!

I seem to recall conversing about this during the Roller Coaster Tycoon era, and while I do not know if this was corroborated or not, the general consensus was that theme parks didn’t license the rides to video games because theme park game players like to blow them up and crash them, something coaster parks are deathly afraid of.