Playnite: the solution to the pc store fragmentation?


So it’s another frontend for your games, but this one is a free open-source project, with the ability to connect to many others game libraries, in that way you have a single point of entry for your game collection.

Think Plex or Calibre, but for games.

It supports Steam, Origin, GoG,, Twitch, Uplay and Bethesda stores. It doesn’t store orupload your passwords, but it uses standard web cookies to link the accounts. It also supports two dozen emulators, with supports for their roms and have them all appear in the same single list (there is a platform filter); and finally an option to autodetect or browse folders so it picks ups the .exe.

The only library it seems it doesn’t support correctly is Uplay, as it supports your installed games only, not your complete list of games.

It has full screen mode, playtime counter, it can import Steam categories, three main views (list, details, covers), themes and extensions.

Integration with igdb to download the game’s metadata (genre, tags, description, cover, etc) automatically.

The metadata is also editable, of course:

It has links and the extra launch options for the Steam games:

Steam lunar sale 2019

Wow, this looks great. It will be nice to have all my PC libraries all in one place.

On my wishlist: I hope in the future they can track Xbox, PSN and Nintendo stuff too, so if you own certain games on one platform, you can tell that using Playnite.


Awesome. Someone check it out and report back on how it works in practice. Turin - have you tried it?


Yeah, on first glance, this is terrific!

But…you know.

Asps. Very dangerous.

You go first.


So I wonder, given the recent discussion in the Rebel Galaxy/ Epic Games store threads, if this is the solution to some of the fears of library fragmentation?

I know it wasn’t the only concern listed, but it was a prominent one. And this seems to resolve at least part of that central conflict.


Yes, the screenshots above are mine. I only have tried for one day and a half, though. That’s how I discovered the flaw with Uplay. It also has some bugs, like using commas to search several tags or genres is bugged right now.


I guess it’s not auto-updating?


It has a ‘check for updates’ button in the menu, but it says there is no updates, so i’m not sure!


Wow, this is a great idea! If only it could stream too!


I was going to say I mentioned this in the chaos of the Epic store thread, but draxen already showed us the way months ago before that store existed!


Does this support games in your Origin/twitch/ library that aren’t installed? That was my big problem with Launchbox last time I tried it.


As I explained, yes.


I didn’t really see you explain it, You just said it has access to those applications but so does Launchbox. The difference is Launchbox had zero visibility into non-installed Steam games via those storefronts, it only received a list of installed games on those storefronts. So it wasn’t really clear to me based on how you described it.


He explained it in a roundabout way when he said that the only service that isn’t working for him is UPlay, since Playnite only shows the UPlay games he has installed on his machine, not in his library. Hence, all the other services he listed were showing his whole library, not just the installed games.


I expect something like this will probably be the way of the future but this seems super similar to Launchbox and I uninstalled that almost immediately. (Not just because it wasn’t good at Origin/etc, either.)


The GOG login put me through about 10 mins of Capcha so I’m a little sour on it :/




First impressions so far are pretty positive.


I guess I’m supposed to get a Steam API key. But then that API page asks for a domain name. What am I supposed to put there?

Edit: Bah, screw it, I’ll temporarily turn my steams settings from Friends Only to Public for a bit. That’s way easier than this private stuff.

Edit2: Heh, all the other libraries had 252 games, 723 on steam. It won’t import anything from Bethesda or Uplay except installed games. No Epic Games Store option.


Oh nice it keeps track of played time for non-steam and non-origin games. That’s nice.