PlayStation 5

Thanks trigger!

Nice. I’m not in the market for one yet, but it’s nice to see the unbundled version being sold by Sony again.

In-stock again.

Heh. $560. So a $10 discount on a full priced GoW Ragnarok I guess.

It’s a good deal on a bundle to get the console and a strongly-reviewed exclusive game.

But if that’s not your thing, you can get one from Sony Direct at MSRP:

The DualSense may be the least durable controller I’ve ever owned. I don’t think I’m hard on them at all and have managed to lose two to left stick issues and my third’s right trigger is starting to click intermittently. Never had this issue with the past DualShocks or Xbox controllers.

I really don’t want to reward Sony by buying yet another controller… but they are on sale for 50 bucks.

The only difference between disc and discless is storage and size, right? I mean, there’s no backward compatibility to speak of, and if you already have a disc player of some sort for the odd Blu Ray…

There is backwards compatibility for most all PS4 games on PS5.

The disc PS5 let me retire my PS4 completely. If you were all digital on PS4 then it wouldn’t matter, but otherwise it’s worth considering.

Yeah, disc PS5 is great if you have a PS4 collection already. If you don’t but you think you want to buy PS4 games, so many are super cheap to buy used these days that it might also be a good way to go for that reason.

Same, the disc version retains my ability to play the large set of PS4 games already purchased. I also like to twist the math to say I save more by buying games at clearance. They seem to hit those prices sooner with Black Friday sales from physical retailers. (Don’t check if they get played within relevant pricing windows, or even at all.) And I get the tiniest emotional kick selling the used games to other people–spreading fun and successful entrepreneur. (How easily the mind accretes worth from any activity.)

Storage size is the same on both.

I went mostly digital for PS4, so I’ve got no disc library to bring over, only a digital one. But yeah, there is the reluctance of buying a console that makes it impossible to play a disc. Not because I have one but the possibility that I might get one in the future for some reason.

It really shouldn’t matter. I get Sony consoles for Sony exclusives, and they’re really great about putting them all on sale for really low prices for the digital versions on PSN. They’re not like Activision or Nintendo who keep their prices really high.

I’ve had the PS5 diskless version and honestly I don’t miss the disks at all. I had sold off most of my disk collection so that wasn’t an issue. Games go on sale pretty regularly digital so eh. With the speed I can download games have the disks really seems more of a downside.

I mean hell if you go into Target in my area it’s usually barely even stocked with disks anymore. Gamestop is just depressing to walk into… Walmart still seems to have a decent selection sometimes, but I’d largely say you won’t miss it much.

If you’re like me though, remember to not sell your PS4 once you get a PS5. Because you still have to play that P.T. thing people keep talking about. You can’t transfer that over to your PS5.

It’ll move over, actually, using the transfer tool. Just won’t be playable!

2tb ssd prices have crashed but I still haven’t seen any 4tb price drops. Anyone catch any?

still waitng to get a good 2tb for the PS5 at $150.

Yeah the PS5 storage is wicked fast, but absurdly tiny!

I just bought & installed Gran Turismo 7 (yay Black Friday sales) and it used basically 1/5 of the total so had to move other things to my external archive / ps4 drive. An internal of good size that doesn’t cost more than the console would be nice about now.

$159 not close enough?