PlayStation 5

30fps robably isn’t going away anytime soon.

Naturally, I can barely get over 30 on my 2080ti once ray tracing and 4k are in the picture. :)

Does NPD or some other organization do surveys on how widespread 4K TVs are? Am I an anomaly for still owning a 1080p TV, or am I closer to the norm?

The most recent data I could find come from 2018.

I remember the big sea change happened in last gen CRT TVs to more modern displays didn’t really happen until the U.S. switched the broadcast standards so that local TV stations started broadcasting in HD. After that, even shows like the Daily Show and other low budget TV shows had to make the switch to HD, and suddenly everyone was switching over.

This fall, we’re supposed to get ATSC 3.0 in most major cities in the U.S., with 4K broadcasts, I think once that takes place, we’ll get more and more 4K content, and then much more people will switch over.

Who thought it was going away? Faster hardware can either be used for image quality or framerate, it’s always a tradeoff. My hope is more games offer quality (4k30) and performance (1080p60 or 1440p60) modes.

Bah. If I wanted choices I’d own a PC.

In this case, choices are good though, because like I said, a lot of people won’t own 4K TVs, or won’t own 120Hz HDMI 2.1 displays, etc.

I’ve always been fine with 30 fps depending on the game too. The bad rap is games that suck at keeping it 30. Play something like Just Cause 3 or Assassins Creed Unity and yea your gonna say this blows but plenty of other games that do it well. I only think devs for games like CoD or racing stuff like Forza should shoot for 60 fps.

Locked 30 is OK, but locked 60 is much, much better. Agree that I prefer a locked 30 to a game targeting 60 that only gets there 95% of the time.

Locked not capped.

True. They aren’t synonyms.

So much this.

That really doesn’t matter. Those PS4 hits are exclusive to Playstation. If you want to play them you have no choice.

Sony isn’t making cross gen games. Not sure why people keep wringing their hands about it. MS only makes a big deal out of Smart Delivery because they’ve committed to not making anything next-gen only for the first couple years. Meanwhile Sony managed to keep big games coming out until the end of the PS4’s life while already having a big slate of PS5 only games coming.

Will TLOU2 and Tsushima get PS5 Enhanced patches? Sure, but suggesting Sony will charge for them is just concern trolling/Xbox fan fiction.

The Last of Us was rereleased on PS4 barely a year after the PS3 release, at full price. You could argue that it was fine there because it included the DLC as well, but it seems highly unlikely that they’ll suddenly do something different this time when they’re fully aware they can just rerelease it as a native PS5 title and people will buy it for full price again.

Times have changed and also the architecture has changed. PS3 to PS4 required a lot more work then PS4 to PS5 will as the architecture is much closer.

Consumers don’t care about that stuff. They just care that they were forced to re-buy the game for their new console.

If TLOU was a remake rather than a remaster, that might have been seen differently. But it wasn’t, it was the same game at higher resolution and framerate.

I think the difference is that Sony is pitching that the PS5 can play PS4 games (with boost I think too). It was never conceivable to expect to play PS3 games on the PS4, so TLOU 1 woulc have been quite an oddity. Could the PS4 even read PS3 discs if it wanted to?

It’s going to be a alot harder to explain why the PS5 can play PS4, allowing you to play TLOU2 on PS5, but having to pay for the enhancements within a year or so.