Please have sex, Denmark needs you

So, Denmark is (besides when we kill zoo animals) apparently once again in the news. This time around its because of a new commerciel from the travel agency Spies who claims Denmark has a low birthrate problem. Low birthrate problems means lesser costumers for the travel agency of course, and thus, this ad.

Warning - somewhat NSFW even though its on youtube. Though, if you clicked this thread, you probably expected NSFW material.

I kinda like it though, and to be honest, we DO have a problem with low birthrates. In smaller countries like ours, it DOES matter a lot actually.

Thanks for sharing.

Just give the word and I’ll head on down and help you guys out.

The Washington Post did a nice tongue-in-cheek article on this ad and the contest.

My favorite line:

The Post was unable to independently confirm that Danes have 46 percent more sex on vacation

If Heidi Albertsen needs me to pop down to Manhattan to help Denmark in her time of need, let me know.

Hmm, it’s never good when Mr. Bismarck pays attention to Denmark.

Hah! You are right about that ;-)

Oh wow. 1864 burn!

Really well played. Bravo!

“Ovulation Discount” - nice. Love the contest idea, that’s hilarious. Denmark is awesome.

I am ready to do my part? Where do I sign up?

Any more jokes? They are funny!

Wait, so I have to have sex in Denmark?

What good is it for Denmark to produce videos that make sex look fun if at the same time it produces a Lars von Trier?

I’ll never look on the Eiffel Tower quite the same way again…

(Original link.)

I’ll never look on the Eiffel Tower quite the same way yet again!