Please help - can't get any DOOM3 mods to work

I’m not sure if it’s because I patched to v1.1 of DOOM3, but I can’t seem to get any mod to load in the MOd window after you luanch DOOM3. All that’s listed there is DOOM3.

Here’s what I’ve done (using varlight mod) as example:

  • Put varilight.pk4 in /base directory.
  • Created Varilight directory under base, with the pak4 file it it as well.

Thanks for the help.


I noticed that too after patching. The only Mod I had installed was the “duct tape” mod, which never worked again.

Also when I went to play online, it would not let me join any games online games (said invalid files or somthing like that), so I uninstalled, repatched and then could play online, but never bothered reinstalling the mod again. Maybe the patch broke compatibility with the mods.

Never really looked in to it though, but maybe there are new versions of the mods available. Sorry don’t have an answer for you, but at least I can share your pain… :P

No new version of any mods for v1.1, so I think I need to uninstall the game use use plain v1 of DOOM3.

It seems odd the patch would so utterly break the mods.