Please help with old Iwill mobo

I hope someone can help me. I have an old Iwill KA266 Plus system that I’m trying to upgrade until I can afford to build a whole new system.

I read that they could be upgraded to a Athlon XP 1900+ chip, so I got one cheap. Now I need to update the BIOS but Iwillusa has redone their website and the old stuff (namely my KA266 Plus) is not currently available to download. Iwill’s tech support (which I’m not impressed with) redirected me to the Iwill Japanese site which of course is not terribly helpful because my machine is not set up to display the characters and even if it could I couldn’t read them anyway. But I downloaded the KAP0104 bios I found there and they say the BIOS there is the latest but it doesn’t look to be the same BIOS that was available as the lastest at the Iwillusa site before the site change. I flashed the BIOS to what I found on the Japanese site and either I did it wrong or it was the exact same BIOS I was already running - Aug. 02.2001

I hope I’m wrong and this August '01 BIOS will handle the chip. However I can’t find any info to tell me.

Can anyone please help me? I need a KA266 Plus BIOS that will support the AMD Athlon XP 1900+ Palomino or do I already have it?

I currently have KA266PLUS/32402A (Aug. 02. 2001)
BIOS 08/02/2001 - M1647-M1535D-6A6KTI3DC-00