Chest pain, out of breath, very very verrry tired physically.

Last week I got all the EKGs and scans and x-rays. No clots, no heart failure, nothing that’s going to kill me. But I’m really stupid and I don’t rest like I should (hey, too much work to do). So the symptoms aren’t improving. Except for the pain, which was constant but now comes and goes.

Thankfully, this will become a light week after Wednesday morning. I think I can actually take a break and try to get better.

Okay, I’m through bitching. Back to work.

This weekend, I aspirated some limeade and managed to pull a muscle in my neck from coughing it up. Getting old sucks.

Although this cannot suck more than pleurisy.

THat is awesome. That’s the kind of graceless stunt I might pull. Excellent work.

Oh god, I had pleurisy when I was 15. It was fucking godawful. Get better soon, rest as much as you can.

My lungs feel like that every day due to my CF - so for someone not used to it, it is really painful and creates a lot of anxiety.

BTW just get some major bedrest. If you’re putting extra strain on your lungs by doing anything physical (you probably get winded right now if you have to walk a bunch) you’re just going to prolong the pleurosy. Seriously, take a few days off and spend it in bed watching tv or on the couch playing games. Otherwise it’s like picking a scab constantly and wondering why it won’t stop bleeding.

Take care (if you have xbox live I’ll play somethign with you if you’d like).

Once, at the Ren Faire, I got drunk on mead and aspirated it while laffing at the Flaming Idiots. It was like drowing. The coolest part was when the mead shot out of my lung and out of my mouth in a perfect little stream, as if it had issued from a water gun. Ah, memories!

It really is a shame Dr. Crypt never posts any more.

Is mead alcoholic enough to ignite? If so, you could make that story way cooler with a little effort.

It does indeed. I had this once, along with a bad cold. Coughing was an exercise in excruciating agony.

I’ve been there; I feel your pain. Had it myself back in college. Knocked me out for a good 6 weeks. Horrible!

Get well soon, man.