Pokemon GO - Ingress and monster collecting


Clearly he needs to train at the gym more.


This is totally messed up - a lanky guy with 2 or more cell phones on him at 12:20am by himself is really taking a few more risks then one should and is for sure putting himself at the top of the list of targets to mug.


If you’re still playing, things are about to get interesting.

Leaked Starbucks memo that’s been confirmed by multiple sources.

Looks like the rumors were true.


Nice! I still play pretty much every day. I don’t go out of my way for it, but we have good spawns at work and there are stops on my way here and back that are easy to hit. I’d be surprised if they add the Gen 2 Pokémon this soon, but I won’t be disappointed!


Me too, though I am hampered by the paucity of Pokestops. However the addition of Ditto was fun, even if it took a lot of catches of random garbage pokemon. Finally on some 320 power Rattata I got one.

Right now I am trying to finish the Pokedex. At level 26, with a decent set of gym breakers (still super annoyed at the grass nerf, just after I had spent 20k stardust maxing Solarbeam Vileplume). I have 126, and after my run tonight will have 128 (buddy Geodude with only 3km to go to get the candies for full evolve).

Still only ever seen one Charmander (my starter), need to evolve Bulbasaur, Clefairy, Mankey (another one I’ve seen once), Abra (close), hatch Farfetchd, Hitmonlee/chan, evolve Koffing and Rhyhorn, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, Magmar, Omastar, Dragonite.

Which is why I am SUPER ANNOYED that all my eggs lately have been Meowth, Cubone, Zubat, and Spearows. Really?

However the recent rebalance has made training up gyms almost not worth it. If it takes more than 2k EXP I don’t do it anymore, the amount of time/ items is just not worth it. I’m sorry, but getting about 200XP for training a 2300 CP Vaporeon using a 1650 Victreebell is just not worth the hassle. The scaling is just off currently, and doesn’t seem to work according to the supposed formula.

So I do hope they expand the Pokedex soon. And fix it so nearby/ sightings is togglable for us in the burbs who have Pokestops that are much further apart.


Any Qt3’ers still playing? They added Friends stuff (rolling out today), and I could use some friends to send gifts to other than my wife.



I’m scared to play:


Yep, I still play. It gives me one more reason to get out in the sunshine and do a solid amount of walking. I did get the update that said it added friend codes and trading, but I don’t know where to find them in the UI. I suspect something has to be flipped on the server side.


Yeah, friends are currently only available for Level 40, but they’ll be extending that downward as they determine their servers can handle it. Until then, you can’t even look at your friend code or anything like that.

There’s a new Friends tab on your trainer page.


Thanks, found it! And yup, it says I need to be level 40. I’m currently 31, so nowhere close. Hopefully they’ll drop it down to 30 in the next wave.

[Edit] Hm, I just read that trading, at least at launch, is only done in person. So I don’t think there’s much reason to share Friend codes with people on Qt3 just yet.


That’s true! But you can send gifts to each other, which are nice little care packages that include 7km eggs and a postcard from the Pokestop. Which might be kind of neat to send cross-country.


I guess they expanded the access to Friends features because:

7662 5666 2779

I just got a gift to send away, too!


Sent! Watch out for postcards from I D A H O


I’m still active in this.
3682 5221 5654

I’ve added you Ephraim.


Added Ducker!

Here’s mine that I forgot to post:
4469 7677 4892


I am a little surprised. I thought this was just a fad thing and long dead, though I do occasionally see a teen playing it when I am out walking…Interesting that @Ephraim is able to include it with exercise.

Has the app changed at all in two years beyond the friends thing?


They’ve added a lot of stuff, but the basic gameplay is all the same.

They’re up to the third generation of Pokemon, so there are 370ish in total now.

They’ve added quests (“research”) you can pick up from Pokestops, for some directed gameplay and small rewards. They’ve added raids, where you take on one powerful Pokemon with a group and then have the opportunity to catch it if you beat it. Gyms were overhauled – you can now get gym badges and level them up to increase your rewards at that gym.

This newest update adds friends and trading.


I’d also add that they’ve improved stability and performance significantly since launch.


Yeah, I’m still playing Ingress casually as well. I like finding new POI and adding them.
The Pokemon Go game is fun from a social aspect, networking with a group in town and taking down bosses.


Only 20 hours? Pff, rig up a pedal-powered generator and he’d never have to stop!